TODAY THE WORDS are LESSONS BORN WHEN LOVED ONES DIE. This blog is the first one since our little Yorkie Bandit left us to wait at the Rainbow Bridge with our other fur baby Whiskers. I experienced a lot of grief with Whiskers but his death was somehow expected since he had seizures. Bandit’s death was more unexpected with a recent diagnosis of diabetes and with a reaction to the insulin, ketone poisoning, he left us Saturday night. The grief I have been feeling has almost been overwhelming and everyone of you who have lost a pet who was family understands that grief. This topic is not centered in my grief and later, when all calms down in my heart; I will write a tribute to our little Bandi-Man. When I woke this morning and experienced the void as many of you may not know, but Bandit was my blogging companion and lay beside me while I have written over 700 posts. I began to wonder if I should stop writing it, and then the lesson (in the form of a message but not from social media or a PM or not even a tweet) was received in my heart and mind so I thought I would share it especially for all of us who have lost loved ones in human and animal form.
Here is the message for me and others: As we feel the loss of a loved one, we become consumed in the void of the absence of the one hopefully we have shown as much love as we received. We question why we are experiencing this loss at this time; why didn’t we have more time; did we do everything to prevent their death; did we do everything while they were living; and did we tell them enough we loved them. All of these questions are normal questions and some will disagree it is normal and we shouldn’t question life and death. It seems okay to ask why to come to terms. I don’t think we receive the answers we seek and the unnatural part is not accepting death as much as birth is natural so is death.
When I woke up both yesterday and this morning, I concentrated on my grief and as I was going to be down and depressed which by the way seems natural too because we love deeply and hurt when we know our last conversation, visit, meal, gift, and I love you will be the last earthly communication with them; I felt that inner voice which I have come to know is how God talks to me and you if we listen. I want to share that message as it birthed a lesson from my grief.
“If I have given and blessed you with anything whether it be family, friends, pets, work, home, faith, talents, or a mission; you are to be thankful and appreciate it while you have it. Nothing is yours; it is mine and I gladly share it with you. You can love it and enjoy it but remember it is a loan as you are to others. I loan it to you for a while and when it has to leave as you will have to leave others one day; you are not to be angry or sad because it is not a punishment or cause to upset you. It is just time for them or you to return to me. It is a time for thankfulness of the period of your life you are given to share, to love, to be kind, to enjoy, to laugh, to teach and to learn. With every new gift such as a birth; you are to thank me; with every loss consider it a gift you have shared and remember each good time and pleasure you shared with my gift.”
Now for the deeper thought (as if it gets deeper than that)…..I stopped and it became clear; I was looking at Bandit’s death and so many other departures of loved ones in the wrong light. I can start looking at our time together because that will bring smiles and take away those questions as I know the answers. Yes, I loved them as much as possible; and I told them as much as I could I loved them; and yes, I was blessed and hopefully they felt blessed to have me in their lives. God giveth and He will taketh but oh, how blessed we are in that period between. Have a great day everyone and share God’s blessings by telling all of your loved ones “I Love YOU” and I LOVE GOD”.
“Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will depart. The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised.” – Job 1:21

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