TODAY THE WORD is CHIRPING. I awoke this morning by the grace of God to have a lot of heaviness around my heart due to our recent loss of my blogging partner, Bandit, our little Yorkie. Then I heard God’s alarm clock go off when the birds outside started chirping. They were loud this morning and it gave my heart a jolt and I want to share my thoughts on why I think the birds chirp so much in the morning time. 
I am sure that Scientists and Ornithologists would probably have a scientific reason why birds chirp so loudly in the morning, but my thoughts go to the heart and not science. As this morning, my heart felt heavy due to personal reasons. I knew this is going to be a day that I need to lean on God’s strength and be steadfast in my faith and beliefs. I think there are times in everyone’s life this heaviness occurs and it is human to be a little down trodden. I don’t feel this as a weakness, just acknowledgement of how much we get our strength from Our Maker and our strength doesn’t come from us being super heroes. God recognizes those moments in us and if we ask Him for strength at these times, God comes through and lifts our spirits up through His Grace. He comforts and makes whatever pain we are feeling lesson in its strength. 
Blue Bird in Spring by Jenny Arey (photo)
Now, for the deeper thought of the birds chirping…...God is sending us a signal to awake, become aware of how much we need to go to prayer and talk with Our God. The birds are like the angels trumpeting their trumpets in the sky, it is a call for action. We can choose to lie there, mulling in sadness or we can arise, give thanks that we can get up, and find scripture to meet our needs, and pray for strength, grace, forgiveness, comfort, or whatever our needs are on this particular day. Do you find it amazing that a verse or verses in the scripture will appear and be so pertinent and right on with what is needed to sustain us? Just like the birds chirping, the scriptures chirp out a message to call us to action. Birds come in all sizes and colors. Their chirps are sometimes melodic and sometimes a loud blast of sound. This is also a sign for all of us to heed as God sometimes whispers in our ears and sometimes, it sounds like a blast. I have had the whispers and I can remember with all of my heart and mind the time I received a blast. There is no denying when the “blast from God” comes in our lives and I “moved”. When the birds chirp, remember God is calling you to action. If they get louder, go ahead and “get up”. God is wanting to talk to you and we should listen!

Psalm 104:12     

Beside them the birds of the heavens dwell; they sing among the branches.

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