TODAY THE WORDS are VIEW FROM THE BOTTOM. For some of you, you have experienced taking a ride in a glass bottom boat and experienced the unique experience of seeing the ocean or body of water from a totally different view. Everything seems magnified and your eyes seem to be taking in a view and really seeing things as they are. Fish are so close and you think you could reach out and touch them. 

This morning I posted I used to think Heaven was going to be crowded with so many Godly Saints. With the world sinfully turning their souls downward, there are vacancy signs going up. There is talk of a video shot in the last moments of the recent plane crash which is said to have people in several languages screaming “my God”. Time to stop and think What sin is worth eternal damnation?”
I had written this message several years ago when a friend of mine gave me this inspiration of the View from the bottom. When I wrote this morning’s post, this message returned to my mind. In life, how many people do you think have to reach bottom in life to finally see themselves in a close up view and not the distorted untrue mask they have learned to avoid the truth. I thought of the side view mirrors with the message, ‘objects in mirror are closer than they appear’ and to me, this is how life looks to people who become skimmers in life. I have friends who have strong testimonies stemming from those dark trips of addiction downward until they reached bottom, felt despair, lost so much and not just material things, and reached the pit black bottom of life. I mentioned the glass bottom boat ride and here is the difference. In the boat, we see the view of the upper part of the ocean and we do not travel to the dark bottoms. 
Now for the deeper thought…..some people who are not addicts, live a pretty normal life, and look at life through glass bottom boats. They have problems and most of them experience faith at some point of life. People who choose different lives and engage in dangerous habits, after some euphoria, start the descent to the bottom. The darkness settles in and the drowning starts. Only by the grace of God, reaching into the dark waters with His Mighty Hand, plucking the lost soul out of their demise, is this person able to rise and start seeing the view of life in a different way. The colors of life can return with treatment and life can restart for this person. Do I have the answer to why some people drift down to the bottom before God will catch them and pull them up? Why some people live at the top looking down through glass bottom boats to see danger, but not falling in the water? No, I don’t but I can assure you of this; we all need God in either situation. Whether or not, we are blessed to never have seen the bottom, or God wants to use the ones who grabbed His hand and started the ascent, God wants all of us to share our story. The view is better at the top and has to be fantastic from Heaven. 

Micah 7:19

He will turn again, he will have compassion upon us; he will subdue our iniquities; and thou wilt cast all their sins into the depths of the sea.
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