TODAY THE WORDS are DUSTY GIFTS. In a dream last night, I saw a lot of gift wrapped packages gathering dust on shelves. Apparently they had been left behind or forgotten. It seemed they had beautiful wrapping and looked like they contained something nice. The dream continued to me thinking whether I should open them or leave them. Would the owner ever come back for them or had they left them behind on purpose? I studied them for a long time and my thoughts came as a good topic for the blog. Here are my thoughts on the DUSTY GIFTS.
In life, have you always been excited about receiving gifts? I have. As a matter of fact, I have opened gifts in secret before I was actually given them because of the big expectation. I had to change that bad habit but I tell you this to show how I love to get a present. I also remember our Mother after she would receive gifts for her birthday or Christmas, she would display them on the bed in the extra bedroom and leave them for about a week before she would use any of them. We kidded her immensely about her stash. She wanted to make sure everyone would see what she had received from people who loved her.
As to the Dusty Gifts in my dream, I envisioned them to be like gifts God gives us in our lives which sometimes we put them on shelves, in drawers, and/or in our hearts and never unwrap them. All of us  see the television shows where people, who are not young, finally recognizing a great talent they have chose to hide until dragged onto a stage. 
So many shy away from displaying a God given talent for fear of being embarrassed or perceived as a failure. Some seem to wrap those gifts in a package and it is my thought we are scared the same way when we don’t know what is in the gift package. Some people are too afraid they are going to disappoint others or themselves if they don’t use what they have been given.
Back to the dream…I decided to open some of the dusty gifts since it looked apparent no one wanted them. Inside were so many treasures, gold jewelry, pearls, statues, old books which were first editions, and on and on. My summary of wasted beauty and items which would be admired if they were on display.
Now for the deeper thought….In my dream when I opened the gifts I could see the beauty in the gifts which had gone unrecognized and lay idly by while the intended recipient went their way in life and nothing good came from the giver’s loving intention. I see the moral of this dream. If we are not appreciative or if we are scared; we have the best gifts of life to sit on a shelf and gather dust. It may mean if we don’t unwrap the gifts we are given; someone else later in life might unwrap our gifts and lavish in the beauty and appreciate what was intended for us. Unwrap God’s gifts by writing your thoughts, singing your song, building something out of nature’s provisions, crochet wonderful gifts, knit or quilt, cook or bake, or do charity or volunteer work. I think you get the idea as the ability to do any of these things are gifts given to you by Our Creator and Let No Gift Gather Dust.

Ecclesiastes 12:7 ESV 

And the dust returns to the earth as it was, and the spirit returns to God who gave it

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