TODAY THE WORDS are THE BIGGEST SMALLEST GIFTS. When I write, I purposely play with words to get the focus of the blog. Today is no exception when I make a contradicting title. This message came to me when we returned from a great trip to Callaway Gardens. The Gardens are a place of many gifts of vision. Talented landscapers use God’s beauty and enhance the settings for a tranquil place to visit or sit and “Be Still“. We enjoyed seeing beautiful flowers and trees with wildlife sneaking in from time to time to see what the true visitors (us) were up to in their home.
Upon returning, we were met by one of our neighbors, asking us if we had been home or were we coming in? He then told us we had a limb down in our yard. Our hearts sank as we drove closer to the home with a dread in our spirits.
We walked out in the front yard and a large limb had broken off one of our Bradford Pear Trees. The tree was still standing so we sighed a sigh of relief. We had thought it might have been the larger tree closer to the house. I went into the house and Greg went into the back yard and he called to me to come out there. On the ground, one of our pretty trees had been yanked by the roots up from the ground. There was no saving it; it was gone and all that was left to do was cut it up and haul it off. Our hearts sank as we had already lost this tree’s twin on the other side of the yard. Now both trees were no longer available for us to look out and see its beautiful branches and watch the birds go to the feeders hung in the tree from its limbs. It seemed rather quiet and still in the yards as even the birds seemed to be confused. Our dog Buster looked shocked and seemed to be lost as this was the tree he lay under for shade.
I was walking around the yard and I looked over at our home and not even a shingle had loosened. It seemed God through his Nature had plucked the tree out of the yard for a message and to get our attention. Our home had been spared in the middle of a power strong enough to lift a tree and topple it. I started to pray a prayer of thanks for the biggest smallest gift. It wasn’t the loss; it was the save which was the gift. 
Now for the deeper thought…..In life we seem to focus, as we did, on the losses and not the gifts we sometimes get in the times of stress, of weakness, of sickness, of loss, of heartbreak. In the midst of events in our lives we can find those gifts if we stop concentrating on what we lost and think about what we gained…in other words the biggest smallest gifts from God. Maybe it is not what we received which is the biggest gift but what we are spared. Live Life; Love Life; Live Life to the fullest by appreciating each breath as the biggest smallest gift and breath in Life.

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