TODAY THE WORD is ASPIRATION. With this post, Sipping Cups of Inspiration will pass a significant goal of 75,000 page views and with that accomplishment,  I will move the goal post to the 100,000 page view line. Who would have thought it? This note brings me to a thought and I need to go back to my childhood. 

I have told this story when the blog passed 30 K, but this event in my life was probably what set the course in my life for aspiration so I want to share it with you again. So many of you have heard me say I was not birthed into a wealthy home (wealthy in love, but money was not abundant). I had watched the majorettes in the parades and I so wanted to be a majorette. I asked my brother Carlton to cut off a broomstick the same length as a baton which he did and I twirled and twirled. Oh, was I proud to have accomplished my first aspiration; I twirled! At that time in life, you could collect the glass soda bottles, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Orange Crush, and Nehi Grape and other flavors and they would pay 1 cent per bottle. I went out with my wagon all over the neighborhood and looked in ditches and on vacant lots, among the trees, etc. and I found bottles. I took them home, washed them until they were clean, and neatly stacked them under the house in the back. I loyally counted them and kept my “aspiration” in view at all times. I counted, I collected, and I continued to twirl my makeshift baton. Finally one day, I had one hundred three bottles (the price of the wonderful, magnificent, glorious, shiny baton was one dollar and with tax it was my collected treasure of $1.03 so off to the store I went. I turned in my bottles (several trips in my wagon I assure you) and then to purchase my aspired baton. Oh, then I twirled my heart out but as my human nature showed a spirit of aspiring abilities, I picked up my broomstick baton and my newly acquired purchased metal baton and began twirling both batons. 
Now for the deeper thought…..No, I didn’t become a great majorette like my friend Jan Malphus, Joan Minix or my niece Pam Fussell but I learned how to go after something I wanted and better than that; I learned to work toward my aspirations and to feel inspired to do something more than sit on the sidelines and wait for life to bring me what I desired. Aspire to Inspire is a great reference site and I love to read what others have discovered too. Live life, love life, and live life to the fullest by being full of aspirations!
Proverbs 13:4                
The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.
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