TODAY THE WORDS are SOUTHERN GRACE at THE SWANSON. First of all, let me say this is my second post about the fine food and the fine folk at THE SWANSON in Perry, GA. I have had the pleasure of great lunches having the opportunity to show off the quaintness of this wonderful place of history and charm and when it became time to launch one of the projects I have been blessed to participate and oversee; The Swanson was right up there on the top of the lists to get together with our team members and enjoy the excitement of the launch and the aroma and taste of some of the best food around.
Calvin Clarke, GM, for The Swanson, took charge of our lunch meeting’s arrangements and placed us in the Green Room which offers a serene atmosphere for a meeting. While we were there, we saw so many of the “regulars” come and go while having a contented smile on their face. One of my colleagues mentioned the friendly faces of the servers and the warm welcome from the moment we entered.  Our personal server, Michelle, was on point with great service, but also displays a wonderful personality and she and I had some great chatter mixed with our mutual southern banter. 
I have to say, while experiencing a great launch of the project which will be covered in a later post in order for me to give both equal time and respect, we chose the right place for our lunch meeting. If you are in the area and have a need for a meeting place, an event which requires catering, a nice place to put your hat down for a great meal; The Swanson has the charm, definitely has the great service while serving the best food around.
My last post gave some history, but please go to the restaurant’s website: http://www.theswanson.com for the history, the services and some yummy photos of the great food. They are also on Facebook too.
I extend a great note of appreciation to Calvin and his wonderful staff which made an exciting time for our team to celebrate with a full and satisfied tummy afterward.

Calvin, we will be back to see you and your team at The Swanson’s.

Mark Lott and Arline Miller present Baby Erc to Calvin Clarke, GM at The Swanson

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