A Good Nitecap

TODAY THE WORDS are A GOOD NITECAP. I am sure some of my friends are scratching their heads since most people who know me understand I don’t drink anymore. I never was much of a drinker as the taste never appealed to me. I don’t advocate drinking but that is a personal choice so I leave that decision to everyone. This message is directed to a different “nitecap” so if I may elaborate, I will relay what I mean by A Good Nitecap
I purposely misspelled nightcap for this post. The reason I did is my intention is a different kind of nightcap I want to call Nitecap.  When we prepare to go to bed and sleep, we could use a good “nitecap” but maybe I need to explain what the ingredients would be in this “good nitecap”. 

Here are the ingredients in my recipe for the best nitecap we can intake:

1) First ingredient is to cleanse our body from all worldly grime and filth. (Washing in the blood of Jesus)
2) Rinse all bad words from our mouth. (Use the River of Life to gargle and spit out any words unpleasing to God)
3) Get into a pose better than Down Dog yoga pose by lowering the body to a kneeling position (Pray with humbleness of submissiveness)
4) Stir your soul with the spoon of God’s mercy. (Stirring the soul requires action to make sure the ingredients of life are well blended)
5) Pour into your life’s glass. (Talking about mixing God into your life is good; Inserting Him into all parts of your life is tasty.
6) Drink the entire nitecap. (This requires swallowing the entire concept of allowing God to infiltrate you, your heart and soul).
Wow, what a nitecap! I had one last night when the toils of life had been laid on my heart for someone who may have lost their life still gripped by sin. I want to live in a way, no one will be heavily hearted when I die. They will drink a “good nitecap” and toast my life. 
Now for the deeper thought…..Life is serious and even though we can have moments of sweet joy and fun; we need to be conscious of the end of day and each night, have a “good nitecap” of God’s love and grace. A toast of Godly Love to you is my wish for each of you reading this blog.


JOHN 4:14

But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.

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