TODAY THE WORDS are WHEN DREAMS REALLY COME TRUE. This post is not to brag as I feel humbled if anything by one of my dreams coming true. More than my dream of seeing a book I wrote being published, I want to speak to everyone who has had a dream and felt they could not go for that dream for a lot of reasons. I have received several friends contacting me by private message sharing the dreams they have and curious as to what it would take to make their dreams a reality. “To dream is wonderful, but to wake up and make it happen is what life wants us to do.”

I would like to share a couple of stories with you. The first one being my own snippet. When I was a young adult, I loved to write poetry. Some of them seemed to be very promising; some not so much.

I wrote occasionally but found myself with some other loves and interest and life surrounded me with tasks of having the blessing of being a Mother and Wife. I became wrapped up in being Suzy Homemaker. I would write a poem once in a while, but I made the statement to several people, “One day I will write a book.” Note: I didn’t put myself out on a long limb by avoiding “best seller”. Years went on; the thought lingered.
One day, I started to think about a story line and long story short; I started writing. It wasn’t a poem but a book. I am not going to go through the lengthy process of my time mostly spent working for a living but I will tell you this. It was years before I seriously said, “This story is a good story and I need to finish the book. I changed my work schedule to accommodate a longer weekend and I got serious about finishing it. You now see in the pictures, “A Mistress, A Wife” by Arline Miller. Someone asked me was I going to use a pen name. My answer was “No, I wanted to write a book and I want my name on there.”  I had a dream. It took a long time, but once I started to make it happen; it did!
I have an uncle who has invented many great inventions, Cecil Holt. I remember him showing me the prototype for Holt’s Nut wizard and telling me he had dreamed it. Several other things have come to him in dreams. It is his mind working even when he is sleeping figuring it out. He amazes me.
Now for the deeper thought…. Before you start thinking, wow they are something; I want to share another idea. We are only using gifts we have been given by God; not ourselves. God was telling me by my poems he had blessed me with the ability to write. Oh, God saved the blessing of singing talent to others but definitely not me. God grants us hidden gifts and there is only difference between the ones who dream and wake up and make it happen and those who only dream but are scared to try to live their dreams is some of us find those hidden gifts and use them. God is the writer; God is the singer; God is the artist; and God is the inspiration behind everything. Find your gift; thank Him for your gift; and use it is my hope and dreams for all of you.


James 1:17 ESV

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

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