Coming to Heritage Station Museum, Thursday, July 16th from 2pm – 6pm Hosting Douglas Native Arline Lott Miller’s first Author Signing Event. Everyone welcome! 

TODAY THE WORDS are YOU CAN GO HOME AGAIN. Next Thursday, one week from today, I am privileged to return to my hometown for my first author signing/book launch for my very first novel. It is important to kick off the book, A Mistress, A Wife a fictional book which is the first book in a series “Reflections of Love”. When I was young woman living in Douglas I said many times, “One day I will write a book” and with working full time, years later I started writing in my spare time. Five of those years I wrote sparingly and continued to work full steam. It was slow in coming but I decided one day if I was going to finish it, a change to my work schedule was necessary even though I continue to work and love it; I went to a lesser hectic schedule and it allowed me long weekends. Within a year, I completed the book and started the editing and re-write for the book. Needless to say, the book has been published and now I am working on the second one.

Why is it so important to go home for the book launch? I come from a small town, Douglas GA but a town which has always been the center of my nucleus. Oh, I have lived in Chicago IL, Valdosta GA, Zwiebrucken Germany, Augusta GA, Macon GA, St. Simons Island GA (which some of the book is located) and currently Kathleen GA; but Douglas is my family home. My formative childhood days and high school days were there. My first jobs were in Douglas and a lot of friendships and relationships were born there. In other words, my life has been significantly impacted by my time in my hometown.
Now for the deeper thought…..A person may travel and a person may find friends in new places. A person such as myself may leave their hometown but their hometown never leaves their heart. I look forward to going home and seeing some friends which will make me instantly smile and I will feel a tug for those friends who will no longer be there and they will come to mind. If we are given an opportunity to go home and feel the warmness of times gone by and visit with those who have stayed there and who keep our hometown going; it is a blessing for us to give thanks. It is really not only because I have written a book; others have gone on to national fame  and I can assure you it is that ole saying, “There is no place like home” for any of us who get to go home again.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone who comes to the book signing event. You are appreciated for following my blog, reading my book, but more importantly you being my friends and neighbors.
Until we read again………Arline Miller

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A blogger since 2012, a published author of three Five Star romance novels, A MISTRESS, A WIFE and TELL ME LIES; LOVE ME STILL and RIDDLE ME THIS, LOVE OR BLISS. Still a small town girl with a lot of experience of people watching. Ten years of blogging experience.

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