TODAY THE WORDS are SAY IT; MEAN IT; AND DO IT. This past Thursday I had the honor of my first book signing event in my home town of Douglas GA and it was so fascinating and almost overwhelming to witness such a group of people coming to support me and to purchase a copy or several copies. I smiled for over 4 hours straight and enjoy every crease of each smile. Why I am bringing up the subject of the book signing is not only because it was one of the most exciting days of my life, but to share with you why the topic of SAY IT; MEAN IT; AND DO IT applies to me. 

When I was young, I loved to write. I wrote short stories and poetry but all throughout my writing; I would say “One day I will write a book” or “You better believe I will write a book one day”. At the book signing, when I was telling this to the crowd, someone said, “I heard you say that many times”.

I repeatedly performed the “SAY IT” portion of the plan. Life got in the way and with work and the normal life, I would find myself writing poems but not starting a book but I continued to Say It.
About 15 years ago, I thought of the story I would like to write a book on but still even though I would Say It; I had to Mean It. Years passed and I kept saying it or at least thinking it but I started to MEAN IT.  Now I had two components going on in my head with both SAY IT and MEAN IT. It was getting closer to reality and about 6 years ago, I started the book and began to DO IT. With working full time, I was limited to how and when I could write so it went slowly but the combination of the three facets of a reality in place, I felt I had to finish it. By the way, my mind never went to publishing it; remember I only said I would write a book so don’t over plan or over think your life.
A year ago, I went to my employers and asked if I could work less hours to accommodate my writing as well as continue to be a vital project manager and they agreed it would work. 
I was now on my mission to complete the DO IT portion and the book flowed. I was then on to edits and re-writes. I was a new author (still am) but soon, I had a self published book on Amazon, Smashwords, and Createspace called A MISTRESS, A WIFE. I had said it enough times until I meant it; and then I did it. As all of you who know me; I give my thanks for having been blessed to receive the gift of writing.  That brings me to the meaning behind this message.

Now for the deeper thought….I was blessed to have the gift of relaying my meaning behind words and to share them with others but even with the blessing of this gift if I didn’t put a meaning behind what I was saying and then put those meanings in action; I would not be writing this blog or publishing a book and having the satisfaction of completing something I had dreamed of doing in this life. It goes the same way for all goals in life whether it be to get a great education; a great family; a great job; or one of the ones which should be at the top of the list….a great relationship with our Creator. Please remember: SAY IT; MEAN IT; AND DO IT.

James 1:17 ESV

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

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