TODAY THE WORDS are MY GLASS IS EMPTY. I share a little different perspective on this ageless question as I think we have to look at it from another standpoint of all of our glasses are empty to start and it is our actions which make the question possible. What do we do to fill our glasses and are we satisfied to stop at half full or half empty? Do we want to fill ‘er up or do we want others to fill it for us? First, let’s look at Wikipedia’s take on this question and then we will do a little thinking on our own. Here is their post:
Is the glass half empty or half full?
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Is the glass half empty or half full?
Is the glass half empty or half full? is a common expression, generally used rhetorically to indicate that a particular situation could be a cause for optimism (half full) or pessimism (half empty), or as a general litmus test to simply determine an individual’s worldview.[1] The purpose of the question is to demonstrate that the situation may be seen in different ways depending on one’s point of view and that there may be opportunity in the situation as well as trouble.

This idiom is used to explain how people perceive events and objects. Perception is unique to every individual and is simply one’s interpretation of reality. The phrase “Is the glass half empty or half full” can be referred to as a philosophical question.[2]

Another perspective comes from psychology, where research has shown that a speaker’s choice of frame can reflect their knowledge of the environment, and that listeners can be sensitive to this information.[3][4]
The reason for me thinking it is not so much how we perceive the glass as it is what we do about filling our glass. I see a lot of people fitting in three categories and I will break them down so we can think why is there a difference in what others see in us.
1) The ones who are in this category are not ambitious and they are willing to have others fill their glass and if it is only half full they drink what they have been given and wait for a refill without exerting any energy into obtaining more on their own. Half empty people….only getting a little out of life because of their laziness.
2) The ones who are in this category are more go getters and they will do what it takes to fill their glass to the rim. They always see the glass half full and they want to fill it with whatever requirements necessary. They would not be satisfied with a half empty glass as they want it all. Half full people who want to be full of life.
3) The ones who are in this category are the over achievers as they don’t look at a glass either half empty or half full; they want a bigger glass to hold more and can even allow the contents to spill over the rim in their excitement to get more. This category is a lot smaller group and is only for the risk takers who are willing to take the risk to see just how much the glass will hold and willing to clean up if it spills overs. This is the group which says, “Let’s see how much life can give us.”
Now for the deeper thought……The point is how you fill your glass is how you perceive it. We have to challenge ourselves if we desire more. It is not up to others to fill your glass and it is not anyone else’s fault if we don’t get up and fill our own glass to the rim. However you choose to live your life is your choice so choose wisely. God has given each of us the ability to do the best with our lives and God smiles when He knows we need a cloth to clean up some overachievement milk of life. So look at your empty glass and fill ‘er up. Live Life; Love Life; and Live Life to the fullest by seeing how much life you can put into your glass.

1 Timothy 6:18-19 ESV

They are to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share, thus storing up treasure for themselves as a good foundation for the future, so that they may take hold of that which is truly life

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