TODAY THE WORDS are WHAT IF TODAY IS THE END? This morning I awoke early with a thought in my head. I had prayed and thanked God for another day. After I had prayed this, I thought what if today would be my last day, would that be my last prayer? It may sound ominous and foreboding or should it sound like a reason to celebrate? This led me to my Morning Thought I post on Facebook which I thought I would share with you. 

Morning thought: Let us prepare for today being our last day on earth. If we knew it to be true, what would we do? Would we laugh and sing until our sides hurt? Would we love each other without conditions and openly express our feelings? Would we release any hard feelings toward each other and forgive without expectation? Would we cherish a small child’s touch or an older person’s frail smile? Would we make time to talk to friends about those great times we shared? Would we, and I say this with love, stop and talk to Our God, thanking Him for every breath He has given us, every blessing He has bestowed, and every prayer He answered, and every misery He saved us from? Would I? Would You? Would We? Every day we are blessed to wake up has no guarantees tomorrow will come. For all of us, Eternity is Waiting. May today, whether it be our last or the beginning of many more, be deserving of us being the best we can be. Just sayin’ on this day with love! ALM

With this morning thought in mind, let us take a minute and relish in what will we be doing today? If we knew today was the last day for one or all of us; are there things we would do differently? It touched my heart deeply to realize good people draw their last breath on days they had no warning or no clue it was soon to be over. Neither did their families. We live in a fast pace world and even going to places deemed to be safe; this world is no longer limited in violence and we see it in churches, movie theaters, concerts, shopping malls, etc. We see innocent people taken down in the prime of life with no prior notice.

I thought about my two brothers while I was thinking about life and how quickly it can come to a screeching halt. My oldest brother Carlton was shot down in the prime of his life while a young man was aiming for another man. He had no warning but was killed and lived only for a short period, maybe not an hour. He was married with plans to have children. This is a tragedy of the worst kind and it hurts today as it did so many years ago. My other brother Joe had looked death in the eye in two tours of Vietnam to come home to being a police officer and then the worst nightmare, CANCER, came knocking on a young man trying to raise his children and within 7 months he left this earth. Man had tried to kill him in war; Cancer sneaked in and prevailed. I tell you this story not to seek pity but to confirm neither of my brothers had a lot of time before death claimed their lives. 

Now for the deeper thought….. Each glorious day we have on this earth is to be enjoyed and filled with love and harmony; not bitterness or hatred. Go back up and read the Morning Thought and see if you are living life to the fullest or are there things you or I can change in our lives to LIVE LIFE; LOVE LIFE; and LOVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST by FILLING IT WITH LOVE. May I see you again tomorrow? If God has given His Will for Us to See Tomorrow or I pray we see each other on the other side.


Romans 6:4 ESV 

We were buried therefore with him by baptism into death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life.

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