TODAY THE WORDS are A GIVER OR A TAKER, WHICH ARE YOU? Every so often, I have a thought which may not be a popular one to some but I feel obligated to put it out there and as people say, “Let the chips fall where they may.” I see people who fall in both categories sometimes in a give and take position and that is not all bad. As long as there is some giving and not all taking; it can be a win-win situation. Let us ponder this thought….Which category do you see yourself falling into? Do you give and give and others take and take?
King James Bible  2 Corinthians 9:7

Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver. 

Are we cheerful givers? Do we give willingly? Do we love to see others achieve and succeed? Do we give when it hurts to give or do we only give when it is convenient or something we no longer want?
As much as I have a distaste for people who only use others and never give back, I have seen the begrudgingly givers. My philosophy is if I give; let me give it with my heart without expectation of anything in return. I love to give and it has been a blessing each and every time when I see the person’s expression. That is my “return” gift and reward enough.
However, I have seen the takers come and go in my life and in others’ lives too. It is hard to watch how they disregard people who love them and want to help them out of a difficult situation. They keep taking and taking without taking into account, they need to help themselves. When does a taker feel a need to stop taking; stop abusing their families with hurt; and in other words as this ole gal will say…..Get off your selfish hind end and do something with your life. Life doesn’t owe you a living; neither do I. This may sound like I am a grudgingly giver; not! I love helping people who help themselves and who still give when they can. That brings me to the next focal point of this message.
Why do people who are down on their luck or their efforts feel the only thing they have to focus on is feeling sorry for themselves? How many of my readers have been to the bottom? I have, most of you have at one time or other in your life. There is nothing wrong with this situation. It is what we do when we are at the bottom. You can figure out ways to pay others back as this develops pride and integrity. If you borrow $20 and if you have never had to borrow money, drop to your knees and Thank God; but if you do and if you know you will never pay it back. If you can mop a floor; clean out a cabinet; babysit; cook a meal; BUT DO SOMETHING IN RETURN…In other words become a giver!
Now for the deeper thought…..I am a sinner saved by Grace of God. I sin and have to repent. I have to ask forgiveness and I have found myself unworthy so many times. I am not saying this message like I am a perfect person by no means. We are all humans but sometimes a preacher has to knock us beside our heads to get our attention. What I am saying in a nutshell is Give when you can give freely but if someone has given to you and even though they don’t expect anything in return….Return the gift by appreciating and giving back of your spirit and do what you can to repay it. You are the one who will feel great and Life will start to change.

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