TODAY THE WORDS are PLAYING DEFENSE. Over this past weekend, I saw most of our football fans starting to rev up for the upcoming football season and I thought of this post I had posted back in 2012 and it seems appropriate to repost it. Before I start GO DAWGS!

For those of you that know me, you know that Greg and I are huge Georgia Bulldogs’ fans and when it is football season, we re-arrange our weekend schedules to make sure we can watch all of the televised games and even work out watching the others through my computer. One of the things we always are watching during the games is how our defense plays. We understand that we can have a great offensive team; without a great defense we cannot stop the other team from scoring. We need both offensive and defensive strategies to be successful. We yell Defense! Defense! when the other team starts moving down the field and getting in scoring range. We love a good sack of the other team’s quarterback or if our defense stops a potential pass and we jump to our feet with an interception. Yes, we love our Defense as much as we love our Offense and that brings me to my thought on playing defense in life. 
As our soldiers in the field defend our country and most of us understand the danger, the risks of life, and the total sacrifice they sometimes make for us; a soldier is usually honored for their offensive moves of destroying the enemy; saving another life, etc. Should they not be honored for “defending our country?” When a child is being bullied and a friend steps up to defend the child that is being bullied, is that not a time for honoring the child who steps up in “defense of the other”? When a person down on their luck is laughed at and a good samaritan stops and helps them out in “defense of their plight in life, is that not a great gesture? When we defend our rights to freedom of religion, constitutional rights, freedom of speech, and our family structure, is that not a reason to stand up and defend what we believe to be right and just. When we defend our founding fathers and what they thought to be worthy of defending or protecting, is that not a good defense strategy? 

Now for the deeper thought…..When we defend our belief in God and His existence and our desire to pray for God defending us and keeping us safe, is that not worthy of a good tackle and interception from those who do not believe? A strong defense is very important and there is no place on the field of life to shy away from tackling the opponents that would keep us from scoring an eternal touchdown. I love the Dawgs but I love God the best! Go God!
2 Timothy 4:7
“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith;”
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