TODAY THE WORD is WILLINGNESS. I find myself questioning if I am always in a willing state of mind. Sometimes in our lives, we face decisions in which we are willing to accept changes, responsibilities, jobs, life partnerships with our spouse, becoming parents, etc. Are we filled with a willing spirit or do we resist participating in life’s activities?
 I remember when I was in the second grade in Chicago. We walked to school (no, not 10 miles as most stories go) and it was not wise to walk alone. There were four of us Lott children so we were not easy targets for the thugs that lived nearby. However, a girl that was younger, in the first grade, was an only child had to walk alone and that bothered her parents. I gladly and willingly said Pattie could walk with me. Her Mother would not hear of not paying me a dollar a week to do this so that she would not have to walk Patti to school herself. I don’t recall this memory to show callousness on my part; remember I was willing to do it free. I have used this memory to speak on how it never hurts for children to learn responsibility and if it coincides with making money, that can teach financial responsibility. 
Now, for the deeper thought…….Is our heart willing to accept the fact when we become willing to open our hearts and our love for others, we receive gifts of love in return? God will open doors for us and if we are willing to give to others; we learn, we grow, we feel good that we were able to help and most importantly, we have been willing when we had the opportunity to give back to God. Or…… we do things begrudgingly? I say this only to allow us to think of how we give to others as sometimes, it is human nature to think, “if they had only done this or if they hadn’t done this, I wouldn’t have to help them”. I say this as there was a time in my life when I felt this selfish thought and God forgive me for thinking it. It is hard to speak my failures, but if someone reading this can realize we are human in nature and saved only by the grace of God, then I have expressed a “willingness” to admit my human failures. I realize after some pondering, God taught me to have a willing spirit and I try with all my heart to resist any “unwilling” temptation to be less than God wants me to be. Be willing to be willing to live life, love life and love to live!

2 Corinthians 8:12
For if the willingness is there, the gift is acceptable according to what one has, not according to what he does not have.
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