TODAY THE WORDS are STEP FORWARD BY STEPPING BACK. This past week I was privy to a much needed vacation and a time to work on my second book at the beach. The first couple of days I was alone and at the onset, it was wonderfully serene. I wrote and as my writing allows me a great escape into the fictional world, I accomplished movement in my storyline and I recognized what other authors talk about being a recluse. I laughed as I was already counting down the hours until my daughter who lives in California could join me. I found myself stepping back on my need to have quiet time to write to step forward to the best time sharing the beach with my biggest gift in life, my daughter! It brings me to the focus of this post. When we feel we need to: Relax, have fun, get things done, lose weight, get in better shape, accomplish more, stress less, etc., etc., etc.; Step back to the time and people who are important in our lives and we will end up doing those things to allow us to step forward in all of our goals.

Most line dances require a “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back” and I thought this was a great comparison to life. Any goal is somewhat a dance step. We have a need to do a step forward and usually two steps back (one to retrace our steps/evaluate; second one is to make appropriate changes before we move forward again). It may seem as if we are not making progress, but we are. Changes are sometimes necessary to successfully complete a task or to reach the final goal.
I will turn this to a very familiar topic with me. I write. With my writing, it goes like this. I write my thoughts or my “story” and it flows fairly fast. It is sometimes comical when my daughter starts the first “suggestive” edits and she recognizes when I “get on my roll”. I find myself not writing in short sentences but lengthy repertoires. I laugh and have to take two steps back in order to step forward. Many times during the writing of a book, I rewrite. This is edited and I rewrite again. Do you see the process of a few steps forward and many steps back?

Now for the deeper thought…. While at the beach, I observed my daughter and her “almost” sister as they both are only children and have been as close as any sisters since college. They laughed; they giggled as they looked for shells; they recalled old stories of concerts; they traded ideas and philosophies; and the biggest part is they stepped back into the younger days and left the current world of being grown ups with all of the responsibilities and even though they would not trade anything it was the stepping back to step forward to the next phases in their lives. Again, they stepped backward to step forward. All of us in life could use some stepping back to step forward. It is perfectly okay to share times with good friends from the past; okay to remember when life was simpler; okay to act like a silly teenager; and very okay to accept that life is what we make it and how we have made it. Once More Life Requires One Step Forward and Two Steps Back! Live Life; Love Life; and Live Life to the Fullest by Loving Each Step Backward and Forward!


Psalm 16:9 ESV Therefore my heart is glad, and my whole being rejoices; my flesh also dwells secure.

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