TODAY THE WORDS are WHAT IS AND WHAT’S NOT.  Sometimes a thought comes through and I post it on my Facebook page. With me heavy into writing the second book in my series, ‘Reflections of Love‘, I have to depend on my imagination since it is a fiction based novel as the first book ‘A Mistress, A Wife‘. I posted the following message and it inspired me to use this idea as the focus for the blog:
Evening Thought: When my mind enters the magical world of imagination, all of the normal day to day obstacles, stress, road blocks, imperfections, and limitations disappear from reality. Anyone can be anything at anytime without hesitancy. This is a marvel concept. Is it our mind which limits our abilities or is imagination the trap door to escape our limitations? Written by Arline Miller

My mind traveled back in time when I first saw Peter Pan. For those of you who know me; I have a fear of open heights, but not of closed heights and several people have assured me my fear is directed toward a fear of falling from a high place and to me this is what makes my experience of seeing Peter Pan more ludicrous. When I saw the children fly with Peter Pan; I thought how wonderful it would be to fly. To soar above the houses and see things from a bird’s view had to be something I could do. This mental drive became a desire to try it. The first attempt was to go from the big gas tank in our yard which was approximately only 4 foot. Okay, you are starting to see the fear was in my mind even though my imagination was countering my fear somewhat. Up on the tank, with my friends we climbed and each one jumped off with no flying results. 

It would be an okay story but what made it a great story was our imagination won over the fear and we figured out how to climb up on the roof to get more momentum going. It was not a consideration we could break something if the flight was not successful. What saved us was an unexpected entrance of Mom, who immediately ordered us down from the roof. No, we didn’t fly but we also didn’t have an accident either. This brings me back to how imagination is a trap door which allows us to escape our limitations. One of the reasons why I love to write fiction, or as I like to say I write imagination, is my writing allows me to actually jump from the roof of the house and fly among the stars.

Now for the deeper thought…..A gospel hymn which I love is ‘I Can Only Imagine‘ and through imagination or better yet, FAITH and HOPE, we can envision HEAVEN and even HELL. Sometimes it is better to hope what we will actually see through the faith of believing we will fly in the skies with Our Maker when this life is through. I know Peter Pan was a figment of our imagination but I have faith, ONE DAY I WILL FLY! Live Life; Love Life; and Live Life to the Fullest by living by Faith and Hope of Flying through Eternity in Heaven.


Who are these that fly like a cloud, and like doves to their windows?

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