TODAY THE WORDS are HOW TO QUIT WITHOUT QUITTING.  I heard a well known minister give a message on how pastors are not to quit when the circumstances in their churches become negative or the going gets rough.  He gave a wonderful encouraging rendition if Paul had given up or quit what a difference our lives would be. As I was listening, not as a messenger, but an average person; this blog message came to me and the title is a tad intriguing to say the least. How do we quit without quitting? Let’s dive in for the purpose for us to ponder.
quit 1   kwit / verb
gerund or present participle: quitting
1.leave (a place), usually permanently.”he was ordered to quit the cabin immediately”
leave, vacate, exit, depart from, withdraw from; More abandon, desert 
“she quit work at 12:30”

resign from (a job).”she quit her job in a pizza restaurant”
resign from, leave, give up, hand in one’s notice, stand down from, relinquish, vacate, walk out on, retire from; More 
informal chuck, pack in; 
pack it in, call it quits 
“he’s decided to quit his job”

stop or discontinue (an action or activity).”quit moaning!”
give up, stop, cease, discontinue, drop, break off, abandon, abstain from, desist from, refrain from, avoid, forgo “quit living in the past”

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After reviewing the definition of quitting we find ourselves finding a way out for complicated situations, and difficult times (maybe even difficult people) but the message is quite the opposite.
If I see an alternative, it may be encouraging and also easier than throwing in the towel. Giving up relationships or occupations; church; or friendships when they become difficult usually produces more complicated side effects. For example: Your parents do not agree with something you are doing. Maybe their reasoning comes from a prior experience in their lives and they understand the pitfalls of your situation. Without their experience, it may seem like bad advice and you resist their advice and maybe resent what you perceive as being judgmental. This may cause a rift between all of you. Out the window goes all of the years of love and care; in comes the awkwardness which develops due to the dissension. Many people are affected by this action and it can even fester into more disagreement. Why not “quit” standing your ground or do what I like to say, “Agree to disagree”. We are never going to agree with everyone. As a matter of fact, I don’t remember one person that agreed with me or that I even agreed with them. Do you? By quitting arguing when each party is never going to agree, we can accomplish a neutral ground of love.
Now for the deeper thought….Quitting isn’t always a bad thing. I like to think if we quit the things we can stop to prevent quitting or giving up on relationships, jobs, faith, etc., life can be more rewarding. If it is due to us wanting to stand our ground; make sure you are comfortable in what else may occur. You may find yourself quitting going to visit someone; quitting counting on companionship or friendship; quitting fellowship at a church; or quitting a job or career after spending numerous years of giving it your all. LIVE LIFE; LOVE LIFE; LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST BY QUITTING THE PERILOUS ACTIVITY WITHOUT QUITTING SHOWING LOVE TO ALL.


Galatians 6:9 ESV 
And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.

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