TODAY THE WORDS are THE BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER.  On this special day in 1924, an angel was sent to earth. This angel was not received in a wealthy home. As a matter of fact, she would have a lot of brothers and sisters to share food and clothes. It was not a truly happy home with problems as many families face. Her Daddy was strict, and almost to a fault, so this angel learned not everyone is easy to get along with. Her Mother was busy doing what all wives in those days, having babies and taking care of home, husband, and children. In the middle of this special person’s childhood the depression came. Hard times indeed! 
This young lady grew up with love from the siblings more than shown from the parents. She grew very close to her brothers and sisters and became the “extra” farm hand; the “extra Mommy” and had to work like her brother, side by side. Throughout the hard times, she found a man and at sixteen; they married. She had to still work hard on the farm as that was the way it was. Five years later, she started having children of their own; two girls and two boys and if you haven’t guessed I was the last one of that bunch. Yes, I am talking about my Mother. Beatrice (Bea) Holt Lott. Today our Mom is celebrating her 91st birthday. You may ask if we are throwing her a birthday party! We don’t have that pleasure but all of the angels she has returned to are planning the BEST Birthday Party Ever.
I have the rabbit bunny cookie jar which was the first birthday present to our Momma from Daddy. I remember the excitement when he gave it to her. Now, in Heaven she doesn’t need birthday gifts as she has been given the best birthday party gift ever…..Everlasting life. I know some who will read this will doubt the existence of an Eternal Paradise with God and that is your right. I can tell you without a doubt, our Momma believed in Heaven and at the end of her years, in the preceding weeks before her death, one could hear her call for Her Savior and Her Lord to come for her. I would hear the name, Sweet Jesus over and over. She believed what glory and rest was waiting for her and even though she loved us so much; she knew it was time. She knew she had taught us all she could and she had lived her life the best she could and for those things she needed forgiveness; she had asked and received. 
Now for the deeper thought…..As hard as most of our Mother’s life was; we would hear her pray and her loss of her two sons was something she had to turn over to God since a Mother never understands the loss of one of her children. She witnessed to a lot of young people not in a judgmental way; but a testimony of the love of Jesus and how if they would turn their lives around; they would feel so much love. Momma did believe The Word of God is not to be changed to suit a sinful life. She is rejoicing and having the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER and she would be the first one to say, “No party on this earth surrounded by all who love me will EVER combine to an eternal second with Our Sweet Jesus.”
Happy Heavenly Birthday Mother! Enjoy the Best Birthday Party Ever.

We will miss you everyday and not just on your birthday as you left heavy heart prints on us.
Juanelle and I talk about you a lot and Missy feels your presence but somehow I knew you would be her guardian angel! Missing you, loving you, and we will celebrate with you one day in Heaven.
From Your loved ones here!
Older women likewise are to be reverent in behavior, not slanderers or slaves to much wine. They are to teach what is good, and so train the young women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled.

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