TODAY THE WORDS are PRIORITIZE YOUR PRIORITIES.  This weekend with our grandsons here and with us trying to fill every second with a bunch of hugs and fun; our priorities for other duties went out the window. This morning after the boys have gone, the focus for this message became vivid in my mind. The very first thing was a human reaction; I wondered if I had the energy to write the blog. With four active boys here and bouncing on me and thinking nothing of their Nana getting older; my body is certainly feeling each loving hug and “attack”. It was easy to think, “Well, I could skip writing the blog; how many people read the blog? Am I wasting my time to write my thoughts and does anyone actually care what I have to say?” This was definitely a pity party thought and I usually put pity out with the trash. I am a get it done person but do I prioritize my priorities? This is when it came to me…..It is necessary to PRIORITIZE OUR PRIORITIES.

With some caffeine in my body, the thoughts came to me. What are my priorities? I decided to make a list and I thought I would encourage each of you to make a similar list. It might surprise you what we consider a priority is maybe misplaced and is a nuisance rather than a priority. Our lists may be a guide to a few things taken off our list of priorities or at least moved to a lower spot on our lists and in our minds.
Here goes:
God…..Do I really have God at the top of my list or do I say God is and I allow Him and His Time with my soul to slide down on the list when other things seem more like a priority…Note to self…Keep God Number One and the rest of the list will fall in more harmony.
Family….It would seem family is the next one, but how many times do I put family down on the list when work or finances or even hobbies get in the way? Do I forget to call and check on other members? Do I remember special events or try to find excuses to get out of going to family gatherings? As a Sister who has two Brothers who have died; both Parents gone too; and Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, and Cousins as well; why do I seem to be preoccupied with so many other things?……Note to self……Once family is gone; a lot of the good memories will be all I have left…..Make more good memories to keep the heart warm when it hurts by the family’s absence.
Work…..Okay, now let’s be honest. How many of you when you saw this priority as 3rd on the list questioned if I really place Work behind God and Family? Is that because “we” as a society have subconsciously moved Work as Number 1? I have always been a workaholic and even my family have told me over and over, I make my work more important. I have used the excuse, I have ADD and need work to expel all of this restlessness……Note to self……Work, unless independently wealthy is necessary and even if it is rewarding; it should be necessary but not all we live for….Keep work on list as Number 3 and not to be placed before God and Family. 

Friends……I do a lot of social media for the blog and my book and it seems like I am busy communicating with my friends and talking with them on a more regular basis. I saw, however, at the book-signing I saw dear friends I have not seen in years. I wanted to talk to them more and catch up. It seemed we shared more lunches, cookouts, and even phone time when all of the other priorities were not such priorities…..Note to self……Find some time to reach out to friends on a one on one basis rather than only during certain times as funerals, weddings, hospital visits, or even church..Remember a time when only a friend reached out during the worst time and by listening; it made it better.

Hobbies…..Yesterday, we watched the Georgia Bulldogs play and it was intense. Yes, they won and all of us yelled. I found myself being distracted from the game when one or more of our precious grandsons wanted to show Nana something they were doing on the Ipads. As much as I love the Dawgs; they paled in priority to a little child wanting approval and love from their Nana….Note to self…..Place hobbies on the proper level of importance and remember to keep God and family before sports, writing, crafts, shopping, etc…The rewards of a little child’s hug or an elderly family member saying I love You is the ultimate reward.
You may say I have other priorities and it will be your list to make. I realize people put emphasis on many things and that is your choice. What I feel is important is how we view what is important in our lives and how we place importance on those things which are dearest to our hearts. My closing thought is not a biblical quote but what our oldest grandson said when he said the blessing for the food.

Abram Benjamin Miller, our oldest grandson, prayed to “Our Heavenly Father we thank you for the food, for our home, keeping us safe, and for us getting to come to Granddaddy and Nana’s house.”

It seems as if a 7 year old child has his priorities in good order. Have a great Sunday and think about what we place on our lists of priorities.
Abram, Nolan, Jonas, and Elias at about 6:00 am getting into technology. 

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