TODAY THE WORDS are WHY DO I WRITE?  I have thought why some people write; some people sing; some people draw. I realize a lot has to do with the gifts we have been given by Our Maker. This thought brought me to a focus for this blog post. Since I am not a singer but I can draw fairly well but I do not find it a priority for me. Writing is a priority and sometimes when I feel a break coming on; I still am drawn to the keyboard. Thoughts come in and thoughts must come out for the release of an overload. So, why do I write? Yesterday in the midst of other duties, the following thoughts came into my mind. After you read it; I will expand on these feelings:
Here is my draft of why I write:
When I write, the world becomes my infinite playground.
If I feel weak, I can create a strong character and I feel invincible.

If I feel lonely, I create a person surrounded by those who love.

If I feel restless, I can give my characters many great adventures.

If I feel strong, I create a character which my strength is needed.

If I feel stressed, I can add laughter and a lighthearted scene.
If I feel love, I can create compassion for others feeling unloved.

A book or a poem allows an escape or alteration to a mundane life. I am blessed with a wonderful life and enjoy the ability to create a different world where readers can step into a character’s fictional life. Maybe it helps to appreciate the life they have in reality.

Until We Read Again, Arline Miller, Author of “A Mistress, A Wife” and now writing “Tell Me Lies; Love Me Still.” 

Life hands us a lot of active events and it can give us joy or pain. It leaves us feeling unloved or we are on top of the clouds from love. We succeed or we fail and sometimes in life, these actions are felt many times over. We thrive or wilt. We see goals met or we see failure. We make a difference in someone’s life or some people make a huge difference in ours and not necessarily in a positive way. I write to enter into a world of “make believe control”. In my fictional books, all of my characters can be heroes or zeros. I can create a happy ending when in life, that may not be possible. True love can prevail when we know in real life; people who love others are left behind and have a broken heart. All they did was love the wrong person. I can create a character who doesn’t have to struggle with money. 
Now for the deeper thought……A few key words were used “Make Believe Control” and “Fictional” and this is what I want to impress. Fiction is exactly the same as Make Believe and not realistic. We can escape into a good book. We can laugh; we can cry; we can display anger or hurt; and we can cheer people on. The book will end as the author intends it to turn out. Life will turn out exactly as Our Maker intends it to turn out and not as “fiction” would tell the story. Make sure you live life in a realistic way as Fiction is magnificent to escape; Life is to figure out how to best live it!

A Mistress, A Wife 
by Arline Miller 
Link: http://amzn.com/B00ZPT6VIG

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