TODAY THE WORDS are WORK IT; WORK IT! I feel a lot of you may have gone to the more popular slang phrase. This phrase will come into play but we will work it in a different direction too. First let’s see what the slang dictionary defines WORK IT!
work it    Featured Word


  • a phrase of encouragement or a compliment to a person engaging in some activity. The activity that prompts a call of “Work it!” is usually physical, e.g. dancing, walking, etc.
We can readily determine it is a phrase for encouragement or meant as a compliment for someone engaged in activity as moving it or working it. 
Today, however, I want to use this phrase in a slightly different tone. I belong to an Author’s Group and I watched a video on how to “work” the social media or digital marketing and this is the result. In the video, Laurence O’Bryan, CEO and founder of Books Go Social suggests it takes a lifestyle of working digital marketing and not a hit and miss. This made me think of all of the lifestyle changes to obtain any goal in life. Let me highlight a few for us to ponder:

  1. If you want to succeed in obtaining an education, it takes a serious determination to adequately set aside enough hours to achieve good or great grades. This requires giving up personal time with friends, social events, fun events, etc. 
  2. If you want to get healthier, it requires a lot of “working it” by adding exercise, proper preparation of healthy foods, studying nutritional information to gain wisdom of what is proper nutrition, and to be determined in reaching goals of health and/or weight. It pays to learn it is not only obese persons who may be nutritionally malnourished.
  3. If you have a talent; that is great but this is another area you have to “work it.” To be blessed with a talent is a great blessing but to avoid “working it” is a waste of a great blessing. If you have been given the gift of writing, singing, drawing and/or painting, sculpting, cooking and/or baking, speaking, networking, scholarly talents such as teaching, etc. what are you daily exercising these talents to obtain recognition for your talents. I am not talking about fame and fortune but daily contributions to bringing your talents to the forefront of your life.
  4. If you have a calling, a goal, a drive, or a determination such as charity, volunteering, mission seeking, etc. you will have to “work it ” out with your life. All people do not receive this special calling and it will take the most sacrifice and willingness to uproot your lifestyle and give it your all.
Now for the deeper thought….ANY GOAL is worth “WORKING IT” so we should get up and get out  to “WORK IT” before we lose what we have been given. As I speak to different groups, almost in everyone of the meetings, I hear someone say, “I should write a book or I thought about writing a book”. My answer is always the same…..”You Should!” Life is short; Life is Not Guaranteed to be Long: Life may have a lot of twists and turns; and Life will end for all of us. What can you do to “Work Life?” Work it; Work it!.

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