“Carrabelle” photo courtesy of Marilyn/Donnie Tanner

TODAY THE WORDS are FIND A WAY TO SLIP AWAY. “What would I give for just a few moments? What would I give to have you near?” This morning, friends, Marilyn and Donnie Tanner, posted this photo of a morning in Carrabelle and this song lyrics from “Slip Away” by Clarence Carter came flowing through my head. For some reason, this photo caused me to slip away from the normal stress of life into a thought contrary to the theme of Clarence when he wrote this soul song talking about two people slipping away to be with each other in a clandestine affair, but I see it more of a slipping away into a meditative state of peace and tranquility. Take another look at their photo and envision a site like this with the absence of waves, non trampled sand, dock seemingly disappearing into the water, and the boats unobtrusively blending into the scape of demure breaking of dawn.
This brought to mind even though the song, “Slip Away” was intended for the wrong kind of love, I interpret it differently as I believe we can interpret life in a different light if we gaze into what it can really mean. At times in all of our lives, it would be a great thing if we learned to “slip away” to a place in our souls meant for tranquility and not for the usual flow of strife. God has granted each one of us a special place in our souls and/or minds to escape and to ponder, investigate our lives and actions. Days seem to go by filled with anxieties, challenges, strife, sickness, financial strains, relationship difficulties, etc. We are putting out one fire only to spot another. We put too much pressure on ourselves and those we love the most. We expect too much from others while setting our sights too low. We forget the mistakes we have made and expect others to be perfect while we are far from it ourselves. 
When I saw this photo, and the song was playing over and over in my head, “What would I give for just a few moments? What would I give to have you near?” my mind did not go to an illicit affair, I can assure you. My mind went to “I should take a few moments with You God and you are near.” I kept looking at this photo and realized God was speaking to me in the rays of His Light showing me He would make the day bright and give me time to slip away and have a good, relaxing talk with Him. 
Now for the deeper thought…. As beautiful as this scene in the photo is, and it most certainly shows the wonder of each day God creates for us; we don’t have to be in any certain place other than where we are to see God’s beauty and “Slip Away” to ask God to continue to bless us and others and Thank Him for each and every blessing. We can ask God to have our problems “Slip Away”. Think now of that soul song one more time in a different light and it becomes meaningful. What would I give for just a few moments? What would I give to have You Near? Come on today and let’s Slip Away and have a few moments to enrich our souls and lives!


Luke 5:16 (NASB)
But Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray.
(C) Copyright 2012-2015 Property of Arline L Miller with all rights reserved. Photo used with permission of Marilyn/Donnie Tanner with their rights reserved.

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