TODAY THE WORDS are BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE. Today’s message came from me seeing so many posts and many new reports showing how we “categorize” people. It seems popular to want to demonize police officers as killers. Teachers get a bad rap for trying their best to teach. Preachers and Pastors have been placed in a difficult position. If they preach on the truth; they are not being compassionate and supportive. This mentality will take society in any country down quickly. This made me think we should look to a single heart without taking into consideration any other factor as you see the Wednesday Morning Thought I place on my Facebook page. Take a few seconds to read it. 
Wednesday Morning Thought: One thing to remember, we are each unique by personality, character, and upbringing and it is not wise to categorize by occupation, race, religion, or life status. We are not to be disrespected because we have the job of teaching, policing, or even if we are unemployed. Let us be known by our works and deeds. In many cases, we see homeless people more generous than the town’s richest citizen. We have seen people of all races do great things and the most horrific crimes. Do not throw people in lots, but look to the heart of each and every person. It is not a political, ethnic, social, or religious status who designates who we are; what we can be; or what we need to change to make the world a better place. Be the best you can be! ALM

Let us ponder this thought and maybe we can come to a mutual understanding. Have all Nobel Peace Prize Winners come from one country or have they come from all walks of life and many countries? Have all philanthropists been of a certain race and/or religion? Have people rose from humble beginnings to become rich and famous against all odds? This is how I think. It is a deep desire to be the best a person can be which is the determining factor of the unimaginable becoming imaginable; imaginable to probable; and probable becomes reality. Most of us dream; most of us can make our dreams come true by believing it is possible.

Why then, you might ask, all dreams do not come true for all people. Let’s go back to my message for Wednesday. We plop people together; we disrespect; we want our dreams to develop without the work which is required for it to come to rendition. If a person doesn’t see the worth in others; how do we expect to gain respect from others. When we listen to a speaker, what is it we remember years later when recounting the time when we were privy to listen to “so and so”. We listened with respect for them. This opens our “airways” and allows us to hear what this person has to say. It gives an open mind when we aren’t distracted by other unnecessary factors.

Now for the deeper thought….. Here is a thought to ponder…..If today, you heard on the radio or news, a cure for cancer had been found which would stop all of the young and tragic deaths of so many, would your first thought be what race of the discoverer was; what religion; what occupation; how much or how little money he or she had; or anything else other than WOW, this is wonderful? If you would stop and think needlessly any of those questions; it is time to let yourself free from all of those blinders which will prevent you from “BEING THE BEST YOU CAN BE!”


Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

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