“Little Footprints” Photo Courtesy of Mark Lott
Someday I’ll jump through puddles, 
Take a stroll or run a race. 
Someday I’ll walk across the street, 
Or maybe walk in space, 
Someday I’ll scale a mountain, 
Or I’ll join a ballet corps. 
Someday I’ll walk a tightrope, 
Or explore the ocean floor. 
Someday these feet will do some things, 
That only heaven knows, 
But for today they’re happy 
Just to wiggle all their toes. 
By: Bobbie Norman

TODAY THE WORDS are THE SMALLEST FOOTPRINT. For a moment I would like for you to gaze into this photo that Mark Lott posted with a great message and it provoked a wonderful message to share with all of you. First, let’s see Mark’s message:

“While walking on the beach with my coffee this morning. I was amazed at the sunrise, shales, birds and the rolling waves. The most striking of all was the little foot prints in the sand. These little prints took me back many years. Memories of Blake and Cody and their smiles and high pitched voices flooded my mind. Thanks to both of you for the memories. Thank you Sheila for all you do. Thank you God for all things, Especially little foot prints.” 

Mark was referring to the time when his sons would have been the ones making the small footprints in the sand. It brought special memories of the times when he and his family spent laughing and making memories which are permeated in all of their minds. Looking at the photo and looking at the little foot prints, a special message came to mind.

Our lives start as infants and we have little feet. We kick with them and push against things with our little feet. As we grow, we use them as movement tools and we find we can use them to stand. Once we either crawl and then walk on those little unsteady feet. We feel small but curious. It is a big world with big people in it but we are willing to enter the unknown. Finding our way through halls and rooms, we explore; we fall; we get up; we fall again; but we keep exploring and we learn. Our parents and siblings lend a hand and they pick us up again and again until we don’t need them to even run. Then we run and run and run! We run until we can lay down and fall asleep from exhaustion of attempting to cover all of our world as we know it. We rest our little feet who are starting to grow.

The message is the smallest thing can have the biggest effect. As the smallest footprint leaves its mark in the sand; it can retrieve the largest and memorable memory. So goes life. As the smallest event can be the most meaningful occurrence. What the smallest footprint said to me and what I want to share with you is “Each little tiny step we take in this life is as important as a giant leap. Each one is taking us into the path of life we will experience. Make each tiny step count and each decision, no matter how small it seems, with as much wisdom invoked.”

Now for the deeper thought……. For all of my regular readers, you probably know I am going to take this message here. If each step of each tiny foot is relevant for our entire life; so is each tiny word spoken. One word can encourage or discourage; build up or tear down; inspire or despair; add or subtract from the value of life. Take the time to think before you speak. As we can readily see, no matter how small or how large a moment seems; it can be the determining moment in your life or someone else’s.  I want to thank Mark for this photo and for being a great person to know; a great husband; a great father; and a great son and sibling. Life is made better when good people share their faith and love.

Footprints Recall 
Two little feet, ten little toes, 
Leave their impressions today. 
Soon they will wear two little shoes, 
And be running and jumping at play. 
Two little feet, too little time, 
Before they are walking to school, 
Kicking a rock, or skipping a rope, 
Wading a puddle or jumping a pool. 
Two little feet, One little child, 
Will soon go their own way, 
But footprints in my mind recall, 
They stood here yesterday.
By: Bobbie Norman

(C) Copyright 2012-2015 Property of Arline L. Miller with all rights reserved. Properties of Bobbie Norman and Mark Lott reserved in their names.

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