TODAY THE WORDS are WHY PRAY?  With the tragedy in Paris, I am praying along with millions other people who believe in prayer for all French people who have experienced their world being terrorized. I have thought about prayers and I located this post I made in 2013 and I thought I would share it as it seems appropriate at this time. Here is the post:

A few days ago, I wrote a few lines on Facebook and I received some great feedback concerning prayer and why no one ever asks what religion does a person possess who is willing to pray for others. This caused me to give prayer some further thought and this morning, while praying, it seems right to write on why we pray. I also saw a prayer given by one of the good inspirational sites which one of my friends said was her prayer for today. In this prayer, the one praying was asking to know what is right or wrong; to be given an open heart and mind; to help in improving finances, for forgiveness, and to open doors or close the wrong doors. These are all such valid and integral needs and these are things I pray for everyday, and I have another thought about why we pray……we don’t want to be alone! When we are faced with difficulty, and even with the support of family and friends, we still want the security of knowing there is an Entity higher than any of us on earth to be there, hear our pleas, cure our illnesses, or give us the strength to accept things which cannot be changed. Our lives, however great, would not be as meaningful if we did not have an eternal goal. Basically, most people who do not have a personal relationship with God, believe in God’s existence. As one of my FB friends who responded to the prayer message, said she had been asked by atheists for prayer. At first glance, this felt awkward and contradictory but the more I thought about it, it wasn’t so odd. For those who believe, we can remember when things in our life were different; we still welcomed prayer. 

Prayer can be “healthy” for us and I am not talking about just spiritual, but physically. When we stop from our busy schedule, slow down, stop talking and start praying, we enter into a realm of meditation which slows our heart down while in a quiet state. So God is helping us by slowing our life down; giving us a break from the turmoil; and while, at that same time, He gives us the heavenly breath of life. If you are in need of help; if you feel lost; if you are wondering if God really exists; if you need to feel love or be comforted; I advise you to pray. You don’t have to be able to give an eloquent prayer; God already knows your needs and is capable of hearing your heart. Prayer is better for us than any diet; prayer is better than any of us speaking to you; prayer is our God given right to have audience with the Highest Power in existence. Where else can we be heard in this universe? Live life, love life, and live life to the fullest with prayer!

Special Prayer Request: Please join in prayer for France and its people during this difficult time. Let us ask God to protect the innocent people of this world and not allow this event to destroy our faith and trust in God. Turn to him and not away from His Glory. 


James 5:16                 
Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.

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