TODAY THE WORDS are A CHRISTMAS WISH. In our world we have many more opportunities to receive at Christmas. From parties at work, church, friends, and families, we are constantly exchanging presents and dinners. This year I want to present a Christmas wish for all of us to consider. 

If we wish for a Christmas filled with Christ’s love and the wonder of His Birth, we would be so blessed to receive a big present, as a matter of fact, universal sized filled with unconditional love; absolute forgiveness, acceptance of others, charity beyond comprehension, and integrity with built in honesty, more and more goodwill. I have been looking at everyone’s decorations and working on our home and it is evident, we get excited about the spirit of Christmas Children are taken to see Santa and to have their pictures taken in their little Christmas red or green outfits and are truly adorable. 
Relax everyone, as I am not criticizing Christmas traditions and I love the excitement in the children’s eyes as much as the next one. This is not what this wish is about. The wish is for us to recognize nothing “Santa” can bring compares to what Christ has already given to each one, the children, the young adults, the middle aged, and the older people too. He gave us the ultimate gift of love. I wrote on Facebook and I wanted to repeat It will not be the presents we give our children and grandchildren they remember when we are gone; it is the love, the hugs, and the stories we share which will live on in their hearts.” This is also what Christ gave us by His Unconditional Love. There are days, and it is most of them, I feel so unworthy and  I wonder why God loved us so much and sent His Only Begotten Son to take human form and sacrifice himself for us to have an eternal celebration, the likes no earthly celebration or party can compare. When a child receives a present, his or her eyes light up with a radiant glow and smiles follow. 

Now for the deeper thought….As “children” of God, we have a gift of eternal life waiting to be unwrapped. Some of us have experienced unwrapping this present and it was so radiantly brilliant, the glow was almost blinding. It entered our souls and we are forever changed. Some, however, have looked at this present, thought it was so pretty, but they keep wondering if “it will fit” and “will it be comfortable” and “will they have to throw away the old life” and so many other obstacles. I say as one who asked those questions years ago, “Unwrap the Love of Jesus” on His Birthday and you will receive the best present you have ever received. That is my Christmas wish for all who need love in their lives, help with life’s problems, a home in Heaven, and peace and joy!

1 John 5:11

And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son.

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