Today, the words are DO YOU HEAR THE CHRIST CHILD CRYING? With a poem which came to me early in a December morning last year. In the events of more senseless deaths, I thought I would share it again.

Do you hear the Christ child crying, do you hear Him cry?

He loved the children and said Come unto Me.
He offered us salvation only through His name.
He held all of us sinners in His Heart without blame
But He died so we could live, so why Oh why does He Cry?
He looks down from the glory of heaven’s sky
And sees so many of the little children die,
Evil is to blame and a tear drops from His eye.
I bled for all of you, children are loved most high.
But I died so you could live, so why Oh why must I cry?
Do you hear the Christ child crying, do you hear him cry?
Why oh why, did I have to die; why do I have to cry?
People, you need to listen as I am the Only One to set you free.
Stop your hate and let the little children safely be.
I died for you to be heavenly. My tears are for thee.
Live for me; you will see I will not cry if you worship Me.
Do you hear the Christ child crying, do you hear Him cry?

Why oh why, did He have to die; why does He still cry?

Note from Arline Miller, blog author and writer of this poem. 12/15/2014
This inspiration came to me at 4 am one morning and it woke me. I have held it until now, but when I keep seeing innocent children being beheaded and killed by other means; my heart keeps returning to this message. Please take a minute, not for my words but for the message in these words. God loves little children who are innocent. We need and should protect all children from harm. During this time of year, let us be humbled and pray for peace and good will on this earth. May God allow love to overcome any hate toward any person or animal. Blessings on you is my Christmas prayer.

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