TODAY THE WORDS are BEFORE IT IS CHRISTMAS MORN. Sometimes a poem will come into my head and this is how it came, unedited and in its original form for you to read and feel the sense of the meaning of Christmas from my heart to yours. Enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones and if possible, extend the love of Christmas to strangers. 

When the snow falls and the wind blows
Our hearts start to feel warming glows.
We start to bake; we begin to cook
During the while, we turn to look.
We want to see; we want to guess.
More is better; don’t think about less.
One thought; maybe it is that time
For us to stop adding the thyme.
Maybe we should begin to think of many
Families who may not have a lot or any.
There is time before Christmas Morn
To give of ourselves to those who are torn.
Because when we think; Christ came to us
Without the frills and not any fancy fuss.
God’s Gift wasn’t wrapped with ribbons or bows.
When we receive His Heavenly Love, it shows.
Before Christmas morn, may we bow our head
With thanks for the sacrificial life He lead.
Nothing is more important for us to do
Than to spread Christ’s love to all of you.
When the snow has fallen; the wind lowed
May Christ’s Love be the best gift bestowed.
May we look toward the Heavenly sky

On Christmas Morn and know the reason why.
                                                Until we Read Again, Arline L Miller, author 12/17/2015

(C) Copyright 2012-2015 Arline Miller All rights reserved and permission required.

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