TODAY THE WORDS are LOVE IN A BISCUIT. This past week, someone I am close to had created and experimented with the biscuit recipe. He shared the recipe with me and I tried them. Needless to say, they are delicious. I, of course, being the proud cook I am, posted my biscuits with sawmill sausage gravy I had made. Requests for the biscuits and the gravy came from different directions until I had to message Mark Lott to see if I could share the recipe. His reply was, Share it with a smile. Wow, what love is in that statement. Comments from my friends led me to believe there is more in a homemade biscuit….there is love! I am sharing the recipe for Mark’s remarkably delicious biscuits but I also want to share some sweet thoughts about love associated with biscuits and the love added into them.
One of my friends Lonnie Smith whose Mother was a great cook remarked when I posted the picture of the biscuits I made, “These look like my Mama’s biscuits.” I replied back, “Thanks and I know that is a good compliment.” He also told me he always got the middle biscuit. The middle biscuit was always deemed the prize biscuit.
My husband, who is a true biscuit lover, his Mother apparently made biscuits to rival all contenders. I never got to meet her but her reputation as making a superb biscuit is one of his precious memories as well as his sons who smile when they talk about their MeeMaw and it is with a lot of love. Yesterday, when he was eating my biscuits, Greg said, “These biscuits are really good. You got them as close as anyone can get to Momma’s biscuits.” I am telling you that made my heart sing.
My Momma baked biscuits and we would save one each time for her now sacred biscuit pudding (If you look at the older posts for Biscuit Pudding, that is a wonderful story in itself) and I can tell you I can make a great biscuit pudding, but it never is as good as the one she made. It was her love that made that pudding so special.
Now for the deeper thought…,you should be seeing the focus point of the Love in a Biscuit. Beside having a great recipe and using the proper techniques, it is the love one puts into the pan as well as the biscuits. It is the look of love on the one eating something made with love which makes the experience so wonderful. When we do anything in life, whether it is making biscuits or spending time with those we love, or extending some love to a stranger; life is better when cooked or lived with love.

Southern biscuits       

                                                              Mark Lott’s Recipe


2 Cups of Self Rising Flour
Pinch of Sugar (appr.1 t.)
Pinch of Salt (appr. ½ t.)
¼ cup Butter Crisco
1 cup Buttermilk


Preheat oven to 450 degrees.
Place Flour in Bowl
Add Sugar & Salt to flour
Cut Crisco into pieces before adding to flour mixture. Using a fork mix until small balls form in flour.
Add Buttermilk and stir until sticky ball is formed.
Dump Biscuit ball onto floured surface.
Gently knead and only a few times 3 or 4 times (very important not to do it more times)
Press softly to 1-inch height and cut out biscuits with cutter or glass (floured)
Place biscuits in sprayed cast iron pan making sure the biscuits touch each other. Tip: Gently press thumb in center of each biscuit.

Bake until the tops are golden brown. While baking, melt butter and brush the tops when you remove from oven.
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