TODAY THE WORDS are DON’T CLEAN UP; CLEAN OUT THE PANTRY.  As I start the New Year off with more focus on how we can live and eat in a really tempting world. How many commercials have food which can never look as good as they do while they want you to use their products? How many times have we gotten up from watching a commercial and gone into the pantry or refrigerator looking for the food you saw on the commercial? How many times if you didn’t find that product, you chose something else and ate due to the temptation? Now, all of us have done this so let’s be honest. If you haven’t; Kudos to you.
What we as consumers should realize, this is BIG business for advertisers and manufacturers and we get the blow on both arenas. We support the advertisers by buying all of the products advertised and we support the weight loss product industry by gaining weight from the very products we bought. Look at the following information with the link attached about advertising:

Total media ad spending in the US this year will see its largest increase in a decade, according to new figures from eMarketer. On the strength of gains in mobile and TV advertising, total ad investments will jump 5.3% to reach $180.12 billion, achieving 5% growth for the first time since 2004, when ad spending increased 6.7%.

Healthy Eating Tip: Before you can lose unhealthy eating habits you have to lose the unhealthy foods out of your pantry and refrigerator. If it is there and when those cravings come; it is harder to resist. If they are hard to find or you have to go buy them; you have a better chance of talking yourself out of them. We haven’t completed our over haul yet but we are making a dent in them. It is not easy and we are human but the effort is worth it. (I posted this on FB last year and did a good cleaning of the pantry, but it’s back).

One of the realistic, humanistic facts we know is normally we, at some point and time, will backslide and return to old unhealthy habits. I try to remember I fall victim to my emotions or situations and food has been a source of comfort. I have a sign up “I eat to live; not live to eat.” I have to read this and reassure myself I mean it. 

I want to leave all of us with a thought: Eating to live means healthy eating and exercise. Living to eat is to fall victim to the unhealthy culprits hiding in our refrigerators and/or pantries waiting to devour our good intentions when we devour all of those empty calories and add chemical toxins into our bodies who ache to be healthy. Our bodies want to be fit; lean; and healthy. It is the commercial temptations which we have to fight like pro boxers. Prepare for the fight for your life! Clean out the frig and the pantry. If it is not there; you CAN’T eat it. It is that simple.  On my list for this weekend: Clean out pantry and take a picture of how good it looks with healthy choices. Keep the picture on your refrigerator to remind you not to buy the wrong foods. 

“Beware of the temptation by removing yourself from watching so much television or watch more movies without the commercials. Use the time for learning how to maintain your health. I am making it my mission to research on a regular basis and my health is improving. Trust me, this isn’t easy for this Southern Gal who was taught “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”  Until we read and eat again…..Arline Miller, Author

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