LAUGHING IS THE BEST WORKOUT FOR YOUR DIET. One of the best gifts from the universe I was given is the ability to laugh at myself and life itself. This has maintained my sense of positivity and I consider it a cherished gift. But what exactly does laughter accomplish? I thought it an interesting consideration to look into a few articles to see if I am getting a great workout with my laughter. I need all of the calorie, attitude boosting activity I can count. Look what I found! See I am learning how to expand my healthy eating, exercising routine. I plan on laughing myself silly!

Here is an article from Web MD:
Laughter Therapy: What Happens When We Laugh?
We change physiologically when we laugh. We stretch muscles throughout our face and body, our pulse and blood pressure go up, and we breathe faster, sending more oxygen to our tissues.
People who believe in the benefits of laughter say it can be like a mild workout — and may offer some of the same advantages as a workout.
“The effects of laughter and exercise are very similar,” says Wilson. “Combining laughter and movement, like waving your arms, is a great way to boost your heart rate.”
One pioneer in laughter research, William Fry, claimed it took ten minutes on a rowing machine for his heart rate to reach the level it would after just one minute of hearty laughter.
And laughter appears to burn calories, too. Maciej Buchowski, a researcher from Vanderbilt University, conducted a small study in which he measured the amount of calories expended in laughing. It turned out that 10-15 minutes of laughter burned 50 calories.

While the results are intriguing, don’t be too hasty in ditching that treadmill. One piece of chocolate has about 50 calories; at the rate of 50 calories per hour, losing one pound would require about 12 hours of concentrated laughter!

Give Your Body a Boost — With Laughter http://www.webmd.com/fitness-exercise/default.htm

Does laughter help to make us healthier?  I found an article and wowsie! Laughter actually is healthy for us. Get to chuckling.

Laugh to Thrive and Flourish
Mayo Clinic describes the benefits of laughter.
A Good Hearty Laugh

  • Even looking forward to having a good laugh can boost your immune system and reduce stress. University of California-Irvine study shows that even knowing you will be involved in a positive humorous event days in advance reduces levels of stress hormones in the blood and increases levels of chemicals known to aid relaxation.
  • Laughter appears to cause the tissue that forms the inner lining of blood vessels, the endothelium, to dilate or expand in order to increase blood flow.
  • Playful laughing fuels positive energy, creativity and connection.
  • Boosts immune functions. 
  • Increase’s pain tolerance.
  • Exercises facial, abdominal and chest muscles.
  • Oxygenates the blood.
  • Improves brain functioning.
  • We are more alert, creative, we think better after a laugh.
  • Laughing changes our mood. Boosts Positive Emotions.
A Sense of Humor
  • How Does Your Sense of Humor Impact your heart?
    The University of Maryland laughter research 
  • A sense of humor fuels positive energy, connection and creativity.
  • Use humor during challenging times to transform situations.
  • Use humor to arouse curiosity and engage in divergent or creative thinking. 
  • “‘Humor in children has been correlated with higher intelligence, creativity, sociability, empathy, self-esteem, and problem solving.
     Louis Franzini, Ph.D.
    author of Kids Who Laugh: How to Develop Your Child’s Sense of Humor
  • “Humor is a powerful force that can nourish children’s growth, development, health, and sense of well-being.”
  • Amelia J. Klein, editor
    Humor in Children’s Lives: A Guidebook for Practitioners
My summation would be while you are walking, doing crunches, zumba-ing, or whatever suits your exercise fancy; LAUGH, LAUGH, AND LAUGH!
If we will combine a positive attitude toward eating, living, thinking, and enjoying life; laughter can be the best workout and the most fun. One of the best compliments I ever receive is when I post a picture, someone remarks about my smile. They recognize I love life; I love people; and I love to smile and laugh. Why not?
Find something to smile about, even if it is at your expense. The result is priceless!

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