HAVE WE MOVED INTO A VIDEO RECIPE WORLD? We have been seeing a flood of recipe videos appearing on all forms of social media, Facebook has them abundantly; Twitter is tweeting them constantly; and blogs are showing one after another. Even Chris, who is one of my husband’s sons and I claim him too did a recipe video which is featured on Becky’s Best Bites blog. Wow, what a turn around from the old boxes of recipes cut from newspapers and handwritten on index cards. We got tech savvy with Pinterest and just when I thought we had reached a great pedestal of recipes; here comes the recipe videos.
I am going to take us back to the days of the old recipe boxes and some of you may remember this as well. My Grandmother and my Mother always had a special box where she stored handwritten or newspaper clippings. Yes, they used to post recipes in the paper. I have my Mother’s recipe box and it was a beautiful moment when I sat down and opened it. There were little sheets from a small notebook with recipes in her handwriting. I found it amusing there were duplicates in different spots in the box as if she had forgotten she had it and wrote it down again. There were cute little clippings and I wondered if she would sit and go through all the folded pieces of paper. I can tell you I felt special stepping into her world seeing what kind of foods she loved and then I would notice several of the dishes I made for her were in my handwriting where I shared them with her.
This is my recipe box from over 40 years ago.
Next, I have a recipe box along with a massive collection of cookbooks from family collections, church cookbooks and some from schools. I also have the Betty Crocker cookbook we see here and it was a wedding present in 1967. I couldn’t tell you how many meals I have made from these cookbooks. I wondered if I were a dying breed and soon we will live in a video recipe lifestyle. I am not knocking it as I have made several meals from a video. I post to Pinterest and go to my boards frequently.
Easy is good; easy can be tasty. However, I want to hang on to my recipe box filled with index cards where my daughter when she was a toddler but wanted to be in the kitchen while Mommy cooked and baked scribbled her first works of art on my recipe cards. Precious memories and you better believe they are still there and they bring a smile every time I see one.
I watched a couple of recipe videos last night and they looked tempting. What this thought has brought my mind is we change; we adapt; but once in a while let us take time to step back from the computer and find the old recipe box and pull out those heartwarming recipes for life. Life is a large cup of kindness, mixed with a lot of love, using spices to spark up our lives, adding the liquid of tears of joy and pain as they are both part of life, and then while life is baking don’t forget what is going on or it will burn up.

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