TODAY THE WORDS are GET REAL WITH LIFE. I am a firm believer until you get real with life; you cannot get real with any individual part of it. Diets? How many have you tried? For me, more than I can count. Career? How many jobs have you tried and how many different directions have you gone? For me, until the last 10 years have I found my niche even though all of the former paths led me to my current one. Self Confidence? How many times have you doubted your decisions? Even though some people seem to have a lot of self confidence; several struggle with their inner self.

Life teaches and we are students of our environment. Getting real with abilities; stepping outside comfort zones; trying new jobs and hobbies; allowing a broader sense of what life has to offer are essential components of “GETTING REAL“. There is not enough make up to conceal flaws because even camouflaged; they are internally and mentally lodged into our being. This is what I would like to discuss.
First, when a person can get naked in front of the mirror and GET REAL with our human looks; life can take on a new meaning. Don’t get me wrong; use make up if you have a flaw. Modern science and technology has allowed us cover creams, new wrinkle products, highlighters, wigs, etc. and etc. but first…….GET NAKED and GET REAL. Some of the worlds’ most successful people are actually unattractive or they have learned to camouflage very well. So let’s take me so all of you are off the hook on this one and I will share how to GET REAL WITH YOURSELF. 

1) I am 67 not 27 and nature and gravity have taken some toll. Laugh at the changes as everyone says “You get wiser as you get older”. I think the wisdom is you see without blinders so enjoy each scar of love and life.
2) I really was skinny younger and never knew it until I got what I like to call “un-skinny”. The wisdom is I never appreciated the skinny state and thought I needed to be slimmer. How ironic is this absurdity. I now refer to me not as fat but fluffy and my outlook on being skinny has been archived. I have those pictures like most of you have for proof of this stage in my life.
3) I see reality a lot clearer even though my eyesight is not sharp without my glasses. I realize the diminutive state of eyesight is to help us not see the flaws as well as we used to see. It is life’s warped way of allowing us when dealing with the changes. So, we have to stand closer when we do our NAKED appraisal.

4) Health becomes more of an objective of our lives. What really happens is we get scared because we used to be invincible and shied away from taking care of ourselves. It is the same as having a vehicle and never changing the oil as we should; the engine goes as the heart goes in humans. If that same car is taken care of with proper maintenance, it will keep running forever. What have we done with our auto bodies? Have we properly maintained our bodies or do most of us wait until our engine starts the chug-chug-chug-clink-clink and then we end up at the hospital (garage) for an overall.
I hear people over and over promising to eat better; do better; exercise more; and cutting down on bad habits. The problem is I keep hearing the promises and not hearing any action. Saying you are going to take the car in for upkeep and then not doing it is asking for a transmission or engine overall.
5) Accepting the flaws of our personality. No, we are not all Mother Teresa or Maya Angelou and if any of us are Saints; no one is calling us for Sainthood. I don’t mean any negativity; I am being real.
Each of us have special qualities; each of us have weaknesses; all of us can find the healthy, positive parts of our souls and push those forward while accepting we are not all things to all people and to some people we may mean nothing. Is this something you can accept; I can. It took a long time to accept what is the total package of Arline Lott Miller and I am finally fine with me.  I loved the movie THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY. As long as we strive to build on the Good parts of us, we will be fine.
Okay, I will get dressed now. I feel very strong about the Naked Look into the mirror. First, have a good laugh if you see wrinkles, scars, redness in the eyes, sagging skin, or whatever. Thank God for having a sense of humor when he designed us. If a person without legs can swim; if a deaf person can write the most beautiful song; and a blind person can paint a masterpiece…..What’s our excuse?
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