CALMNESS IS A GREAT DIET AID. The older I get; hopefully a little wiser in how our bodies works. I have discovered for myself the calmer I stay, the easier it is to maintain a healthier body. I have to say my weight is not where it should be, but it is lower than it was. All of my “health” numbers are easier to maintain. I think I have realized it is similar to a vehicle. A vehicle that is maintained regularly with proper oil changes, tire rotation, quality gas, etc. as well as smooth driving will enable a vehicle to keep running and so the body reacts similar.
Think about times in your lives when “living was easy“. We, as children, eat more natural foods (I lived in an earlier time than the fast food world now). We had gardens and grew vegetables. Our trees had fruit as well as grape vines. We had meat from animals which had been raised without all of the growth hormones. Our snacks were limited and when we got something sweet, it was a treat and not our mainstay foods. 
Our lives were more peaceful and every word out of someone’s mouth was not negative like most conversations are today. Media meant very little to us and personal relationships meant something significant. We had entertaining and somewhat silly in the humor arena. We laughed a lot; we cried when it was a loss of a loved one. 
I feel we have fallen victim to media hype. We didn’t know all of the insane things which may have been going on but we were not filled to the brim with so much negativity. Old men sat around and discussed politics but not in the horrendous ways of today.
Here is a great article to back up what I feel about calmness when we eat.

The #1 thing necessary for good digestion, is likely the number one thing the majority of people are not able to make happen. Since digestion begins in the brain, it is critical our brain is in the right state in the first place, prior to taking the first bite.  So, what is the #1 thing you should do for good digestion?  RELAX! Eat every meal or snack in a relaxed, calm state and peace of mind. Okay, just how many of you think I’m crazy because … 

Relaxed Eating For Optimal Digestion ~ 5 Tips Plan your meals & schedule the time. Don’t wait until the last minute and eat when you are very tired and hungry. Make the time for breakfast lunch or dinner so that you are not in a rush. For example, my son played football this fall and we would eat dinner rather late when his games were over. I made sure dinner was already prepared so when we got home we could sit down and eat. Another example; I … 

The article is worth the read and please click on it for the full article. You will find it very informative with technical explanations for why this function is vital to all of us.

I am saying all of this to say……Negativity and hostility breeds nervousness and along with nervousness, our minds and unfortunately our bodies react in the same way as when you don’t use quality gas in your car and it starts jerking and sputtering and can shut down. Our bodies work the same way. 
My suggestion is when we eat; we should shut off the television, put our phones on silent, and say a prayer of thanks for what we have been given. Talk with others should be light hearted and a good laugh will work better than all of the anti-acid medication. It would be better to eat alone in quiet surroundings than to engage in battering conversations. In other words, BE CALM and allow your food to properly digest. The affairs of the world can wait. Nourish your body in a relaxing way. Try to eat calmly and see if your health improves and your body returns to functioning in a more natural healthy way.

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