TODAY is FOOD JOURNEY IN AN ALLEY. There are times which are worthy of stepping out or stepping into an alley for an unexpected treat and last night was one of those times. For our 15th wedding anniversary, we chose to go out for a great dinner date. Greg and I love to go to different locations to try the cuisine and atmosphere. We had heard through word of mouth a great restaurant is located in Macon, Georgia named Downtown Grill and made reservations which is always a good sign of a great dinner preview. The fun part was Greg had set the location in GPS but he kept saying it is in an alley. I thought he was kidding, but he wasn’t and sure enough, into the alley Mulberry Lane we went. Complimentary valet parking made us feel safe and secure. We walked out of the alley and into one of the finest dining experience we have had on our dining outings.
I was surprised the restaurant was established in 1997 as it gives an atmosphere of forever existence and presence. As stated on their website: 

The downtown grill is an English Steakhouse that specializes in prime cut Black Angus steaks, fresh pasta dishes, fish filets and decadent desserts. This fine dining restaurant also features a well stocked bar that includes a vast array of scotches and bourbons. We also offer an extensive wine list by the glass or by the bottle and a large oak cigar humidor. 

The restaurant does have a private upstairs banquet room that will seat 50 for any of your special occasion needs.  You can visit their website at: http://www.macondowntowngrill.com/

Here is Blake who served us with style.

Here is a recap of our experience. It seemed extremely dark when we entered but immediately it felt warm and cozy. The old brick walls and floors with dark walls called to our love of the historic buildings. It felt as if we stepped back into the early 1900’s. We were seated and found ourselves looking forward to an exquisite dinner. One of the first things we noticed was how small the menu was. What we realized when we met Blake our server he had all of the details in his head and very nicely guided us through the entire meal with a wonderful personality. I have to say sometimes Greg and I have been guilty of slightly rushing through a meal but Blake made a point to slow us down to savor each course and morsel. His explanations and description of our choices made us want to try everything. Greg went for the blackened dry aged ribeye with garlic potatoes and button mushrooms for his entree and I chose the blackened scallops with cheese grits and fresh sauteed spinach but let me tell you about the appetizers. They have, hands down the best creamy shrimp and grits with andouille sausage Greg or I have eaten (I only tasted the grits but out of this world) and the lump crab cakes were mouth watering. Each taste of all of our meal was properly seasoned and exquisitely prepared with the best service we have experienced.

I have to stop and say, “There has to be a cheat night.” We try to eat healthy but on these occasions, we lift our ban and enjoy ourselves. This was one of those nights, with the dessert, which was a Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Crusted with amaretto sauce topped with delicious almonds. I am not sure I can accurately describe this delightful dessert and we tried with all of our might to eat as much as we could, but had to leave some behind. That should tell you portion size as we shared it.

If you are in Macon, be sure to call and make reservations at this wonderful restaurant. Plan on eating leisurely, soaking in the history of a great ambiance, and indulge in great food and service. You can count on us returning for another treat and date night and we may not wait until an anniversary comes around.

Note from Author; Life gives us opportunities to try new adventures, meet new people, and open our minds to “going into an alley” or getting out of our comfort zone. By stepping outside the normal, we go down paths maybe less trodden but worth every step. Try new places; order a different food than you usually order and develop a great palette of life. LIVE LIFE; LOVE LIFE; AND LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST by trying new things!

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  1. Thanks for sharing, I love to read about fine dining experiences. Most of the pleasure and zero calories! Did you try any of the scotch or bourbon?

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