TODAY THE WORD is CORNY. Corny as it may seem, there are days when we need a great sense of humor. Yesterday, while I was having what I call a “down” day which is unusual, one of my daughter’s friends made a post under a picture I had posted of myself. Her words expressed she had always loved how positive I had always been and I chuckled. Oh my, I had better pick my spirits up and I found myself laughing at the irony. I usually am positive by nature but I had been reminded people do pay attention and so my temporary pity party came to an end. I thought about this post I had written in 2013 and decided to repost for a laugh or two. At least I am going to have some fun with this post. I come from this time and I think it is ironic the word “corny” has become corny in today’s vocabulary. 

According to the Free Dictionary, corny is defined as: corn·y  (kôrnadj. corn·i·ercorn·i·est

Photo courtesy of Linda Christian, fine gardener of life.

Trite, dated, melodramatic, or mawkishly sentimental. I guarantee all of my friends are having flashes of their children and grandchildren thinking we are a little corny even if they don’t know that word. I admit I am a little “corny” even in my writing as I love to go back to a simpler time, a slower time, and a time when we relished the memories of our elders and would sit for long periods of time, and yes, actually stay quiet while we heard their “corny tales” with their hard times, times of sacrifice, stories of war time events, and a lot of time we learned history from loved ones who lived through those times. We loved the funny stories and even the tragic ones because they were told with love and patriotism and we learned how to appreciate our heritage. A lot of television shows  which were aired at that time, and amazingly some of them are still running like The Andy Griffith Show had characters like Barney Fife, corny as they come. But who doesn’t love Barney, master of corniness? My husband still loves this show and I even kid him and ask, “How many times have you watched that episode?” He usually just smiles and goes back to watching it. Maybe America, we need to get back to the Red Skelton Days, the Mayberry Days, or Happy Days and relieve some stress from our tense world? Life was somehow simpler with the times slower, a lot less political attention; more family time; and a more neighborly time. We knew our neighbors and we helped our neighbors and they helped us too. We shared with each other; we shared their losses and they shared ours; if one family was blessed to receive, we shared our gifts; and if one of the families suffered we were charitable.

Yesterday, when my good friend, Linda Christian posted another one of her garden treasures, the fresh miniature cobs of corn; everyone immediately expressed how they would love to have some and how willing she would be to share them with others and it brought me back to the “good ole days” and gave me hope there are still good people willing to share. I am hopeful in God placing people in my life who love people as I do and we “share”. Live life; love life; and live life to the fullest by opening your hearts and share even if the only thing you have to share is YOU!

Luke 6:38                

Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.”
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