My Forever Mother’s Day Gift from my daughter Missy Haas
MY FOREVER MOTHER’S DAY GIFT is the topic for Mother’s Day week. As you can see in the photo above a beautiful pin which with all of its magnificent artistic creation would be enough to write a post. However, the pin is not the focus of the blog post but the love and sacrifice behind the purchase of my most favorite gift ever given from my daughter, Missy. To enjoy this memory, I will take us back to my daughter’s teenage years.
Missy’s Dad and I divorced when she was 13 and both of us tried our best to keep her from choosing sides and we even coordinated discipline when she was with either parent. We reminded her even though the marriage had not survived; our love for her was the strongest and would always be there for her. Later I remarried and we moved to SSI where I had a finance manager position at a car dealership. When Missy finished her 10th grade in our hometown of Douglas; she came and lived with me and my husband. There were a lot of adjustments to a new place, new job, new life, etc. for all of us. 
Missy found a weekend job down at a little boutique there on St. Simons Island and I wish I could remember the name of it. Now for the best Mother’s Day Gift story. Missy knew how I loved pins since I wore suits to work and she spotted the pin when it made its way to the display case. It was an expensive pin and Missy didn’t have that much to spend but she made a deal with the owner to take out so much money each week out of her pay to put this pin aside for her. Each week for a year, she had a deduction for my gift. Most teenagers would have not put this much aside as they usually have other plans. I was proud of her working and had no clue as to what she was planning. One year…..yes, one whole year she stayed true to her cause while my most precious gift lay in its box waiting to give me so much delight when she gave it to me.
I cried, of course, at her beautiful gift and wondered how she had come up with such a nice gift and she shared her story of her putting aside some of her pay to make sure she could give it to me. As much as I love this pin and I cherish it and only wear it on special occasions now; it is the meaning behind Missy’s love and goal setting which is priceless to me. I have diamonds and other jewelry which cannot compare to this pin. 
Now for the deeper thought…… It is not the glitter of the pin; it is the priceless love my daughter showed me by sacrificing her money and thought to give me something she knew I would love. My love for her surmounts any love for any piece of glitter as her glow almost blinds me. God gives us pieces of precious ornaments to be amazed by; they are called children!

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