WOULD YOU PUSH REWIND or FORWARD IN LIFE? Too many times in life we pause, and think about many events in our lives if we had a chance to relive our lives, would we change our decisions or actions? This morning the movie Groundhog day came to mind and this set my mind in this direction. I thought it might be interesting if I made a list of some events where I could have either PUSHED REWIND or FORWARD and changed the outcome While I make my list, why don’t you make your list too and let’s compare.

1) I started dating when I was 15 as it was the norm. Rewind or Forward? On this issue, I would rewind and not date until I was older. I would concentrate on my education first and decide what I wanted to be prior to going into a serious relationship. My thought on this would be if I had matured prior to the immaturity of feeling I was secure within myself, it might have made for a more stable relationship later. REWIND
2) I would have had more fun as a teenager. I am not referring to getting into trouble but I was so busy working I missed a lot of events and fun times. Work is great for all young people, but I took life too serious, I found myself trying to make up for those lost fun times later in life. My thought on this is: If I had taken more time to enjoy my teenage years and then put all of my effort into education and work, I would have been better satisfied with a career. REWIND
3) I would have thought about healthier eating instead of starvation dieting. In my younger days, the way to lose weight was quit eating entirely. This crazy way of dieting has played havoc on my later years slowing my metabolism down making it harder to lose weight or worse maintain it. If I had adjusted my eating habits and chosen healthier foods, my body would have adapted even if it had been a slower weight loss it would have been a lifestyle change. My thoughts are: Start young and learn the healthy way to live, occasionally splurge, but keep a steady routine of adding fresher, natural foods and seasonings, and keep sugar to the lowest quantity or eliminate it. REWIND
4) I would have been a person who takes time to smell the roses. Most of the emotional or highly charged fits of anger were not necessary but being a passionate person, I used emotions or temper to react. This only exasperated the episodes and solved nothing but created hard feelings. My thoughts on this: It took too many years to understand if I put my passion in loving others, work, creative expressions and not allow highly charged temperament in my negotiations, relationship, political feelings, work, and social events I am calmer and wiser. REWIND

5) I would have gotten to where I am in life. I spent too much time worrying and trying to fix everything when all we need to do in life is to learn to enjoy life as it comes and not as we want it to be. If we dwell on going back and REWINDING our lives, we will miss what is exciting. On this one, I choose to Go Forward and Not Rewind. Something great can be right around our corner so let’s move forward and enjoy each and every moment and with that in mind, we will never have the thought we should REWIND. FORWARD
In closing, I hope you decide to push FORWARD as yesterday is gone and no matter how much we would like to think we would do things differently; it might not happen. What we can control is what we do today and plan for tomorrow.

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