TODAY THE WORDS are DRINKING FROM THE OLD WELL. I know that some of my regular readers are smiling and thinking, “well here she goes again, back to the good ole days”. I am taking the journey down the path to my childhood and that is becoming year after year a longer journey as I am getting older. One of the best memories was when we, as children, had played our hearts out in the country and had gotten hot. Instead of going in the house for air conditioning, oh wait, there was no air conditioning; we went to the old well out back. For some reason, and maybe it is only because we were so hot, the water that came out of the well and was dipped into a metal dipper was absolutely the most refreshing water in the world. We passed the dipper around and shared water and laughs with each other. Sometimes, we had to have the dipper passed around again for another taste of that water. I get a little tickled when I see bottled water thinking about the well water from long ago.

At my desk the other day, I picked up the bottle of water and looked to see where it came from and believe it or not, it was my hometown, Douglas, GA and I smiled and thought, “had they tapped into the old spring?” I had gotten out of the habit of drinking water when city water never seemed to taste as good as the well water. Since I drink bottled water now and it has a good taste, but honestly, it doesn’t compare with the water from the well.

For some good information on drinking water for our health, I found an excerpt from an article for us to read:

If you need more “ammo” on why to drink h20, here are 5 benefits of drinking water that may have you changing your mind.

1.) Supports metabolism

Water helps keeps your metabolic rate up (cellular hydration is necessary for cellular metabolism); allows you to tell whether you’re really hungry or just thirsty (you can mistake hunger for thirst), and has no sugar  or artificial sweeteners (you’re keeping  it natural – what your body likes).

2.) Promotes vitality

Dehydration can cause tired eyes, headaches, and a case of the “blahs.” Drinking enough water helps promote your wellbeing.  And remember, by the time you’re thirsty, you’re dehydrated. Keep it flowing throughout the day!

3.) Helps with digestion

Staying hydrated keeps things moving along smoothly in  your digestive tract.  Water is necessary to breakdown your food and prevent constipation.

4.) Eliminates toxins

Water helps your kidneys flush out toxins you don’t need in your system through urination. Sweat is another natural way your body removes waste products – drink up!

5.) Improves muscle strength

Muscles need hydration too! When muscles have enough fluid, they can work longer and harder, helping you get stronger and have more energy – and who doesn’t want that?

How much water do you drink a day?

Corinne DobbasCorinne Dobbas, MS, RD is a Registered Dietitian and Wellness Coach with a Masters in Nutrition. Specializing in coaching, weight loss, and behavior change, Corinne has helped hundreds of women develop a healthy positive relationship with food, their body, and themselves. She helps women do this by showing them how to create a healthy lifestyle (they love) using a holistic approach. She believes lasting change starts from the inside out. Visit her at CorinneDobbas.com

Now, for the deeper thought……I had never had my thirst for life quenched until I drank from the living well! For all of you that have received this wonderful, refreshing, life changing God given water of life, you already know how it quenches your thirst and your life becomes a “well” for sharing this water with others. The water from the old well pales in comparison to one little drop of the drink from God’s well, so drink up, enjoy the refreshing change in your life and thirst no more.

John 4:14
King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)

But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.

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