SAILING THE FRIEND SHIP will be an adventure of a life time.  Last night I wrote a Thursday Evening Thought as I do often in either the morning or evening. Once I wrote it and posted this message on Facebook, I expanded my thoughts for this blog post. May I share this thought with you, my blog friends?

Thursday Evening Thought: I am so glad I do not choose my friends because of any political beliefs and I am sure they feel this way too. We like each other because of a blended group of diversified thinking and a respect for each to exercise that freedom of belief. Politicians come and go but friends can last a lifetime. Thank God there are no terms for friendship so we don’t have to change friends every 4 years. Have a great pre-weekend night! Tomorrow is Friday! ….Arline Miller, blogger

Merriam Webster provides Full Definition of friend
a :  one attached to another by affection or esteem
b :  acquaintance
a :  one that is not hostile
b :  one that is of the same nation, party, or group
3:  one that favors or promotes something (as a charity)
4:  a favored companion


As I read the definition, I paid specific attention to “one that is not hostile”. As I had written in my post, we like each other because of a blended group of diversified thinking and a “respect” for each one to exercise the freedom of belief.  What I value in my circle of friends are the principles we place:

  1.  Respect for the uniqueness of each other. None of us are an exact copy of another. Even in twins, there are some traits unique in each one and to imitate the other, they must personify those unique mannerisms and/or style traits.
  2.  Favor the friendship. In favoring the friendship, we make time for each friend. Whether it is in person, or on the phone, messaging and/or texting, or a card sent unexpectedly to remind our friend we think of them.
  3. Understand we are not always their highest priority. Sometimes, the best place a friend can be is standing in the wings. All of us have events and obligations which tear us away from our normal activities and lives. A true friend doesn’t have to be in the limelight of a friend’s life 24/7. We must be willing to wait patiently until life opens up and we share in our friend’s life. 
  4. Give when we don’t feel like giving for the sake of our friendships. The most important call or visit will come at the most adverse and inconvenient times. This can be the truest test of friendship. We are needed; we are entrusted by our friends that we will come through when the world they know is crumbling. The life reward of being there at the time of most need will outweigh any sacrifice made.
  5. Be a true friend and not a part timer friend. I treasure my friends and respect any and all conversations we share. Those conversations are private and will remain private. A friend doesn’t divulge or discuss private friend discussions. Go to your grave with those times you share in confidence. That is the true meaning of friendship. 
  6. Honor your friendship with the freedom of adding other friends to your circle. Be willing to introduce your friends to other friends you have made. Do not be selfish. A friend is a friend and not a property to be coveted. The more the merrier is also true with friendship.
As I sail on the “FRIEND SHIP” I have gained so much knowledge and talents. I have expanded my experiences in life. I have cheered my friends on as much as they have cheered me on my journey. We have laughed together and cried together as well. Friends are one of God’s blessings. Have a great cruise in life with as many friends as you can get onboard.

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