My horseman, Greg Miller (husband) in his riding days.

TODAY THE WORDS ARE GIDDY UP! Each morning, since I write the blog early, I may benefit if I  use a command, Giddy up for myself. For some of the readers who may not be familiar with this southern word used to command a horse, mule or donkey to move or go faster, I will take you on a ride for a lesson of life. 
My father was raised on a farm and mules were used for plowing. I heard many stories about the daily plowing and the tedious laying out the rows in the fields were all in a day’s work. The mule would normally fall in line and keep going down the rows without a lot of command. That is “normally” but there would come the day when the mule would be “stubborn” and Giddy up was shouted many times. They would have to use the whip at the hardest times as the mule had made up its mind to do no more. These were rough times and many will not remember the hand plowing days as technology with the latest in tractors and equipment have replaced the mule so the word Giddy up has taken on new forms of meaning. Giddy up has been used to say, “Are you ready to go to the game?” and “let’s go”. I myself, have not used Giddy up for a long time, but this morning it came to me this phrase may need to get back into mainstream communications. Children, and grown ups too, have forgotten to move  or go faster. We show stubborn streaks in our relationships; we have days that we give up and decide we do not need to do more. Does this sound familiar? Do we plow full days in the fields of life; do we give our all; or do we do as few rows as we can get away? 
Have you ever watched a horse in a race? They give every bit of their strength and endurance. They sweat, their nostrils flare with intensity, their eyes are focused on the track ahead and I am sure jockeys have their special words for the horses. I think those words are more for the jockeys instead of the race horses as they were born to run and to run as fast and as long as they possibly can endure. 
As much as the ability to go is important, we also should know when to stop. I can almost see the equivalent in people making an abrupt stop and I can see them going over the horse’s head at times. A smoother stop is advisable when we are in unhealthy relationships with humans, food, friends, or even work. Slow down in your thoughts, think it thoroughly to know how you should stop without too much stress and pain.
Now for the deeper thought……Should someone have to say Giddy up to us to move us in life? Is it possible to rise each day, start “plowing” in the fields of life, be excited instead of finding something to complain about, and endure the sweat, the nostrils flaring, the pain associated with pushing it to the limit, and knowing at the end of the race, we have GIDDY UP’D  with the best of them.

And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.

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