WHEN THE LIGHTS ARE OUT is a remnant of an older post which came to mind with Hurricane Hermine moving through our state at this time. Several of my friends are experiencing outages and a lot of water. This post is dedicated to that time when the lights go out. I am adding some tips on what to do for safety and comfort during this time.

TODAY THE WORDS are WHEN THE LIGHTS ARE OUT. Almost everyone has experienced a storm which knocked out the electricity and we have found ourselves in the dark. It seems eerie and somewhat frightening. We grab flashlights, candles, lanterns, etc. to make temporary lighting. What makes us fear or dread the darkness to a certain extent? Some of us, more than others, have trouble relaxing or being comfortable without the ability to see everything in a good light. Others don’t seem to mind the darkness and actually enjoy dim lighting. Which kind of person are you? 

Do you prefer bright lights and feel uncomfortable when the lights go out or are you a person who prefers dim lights or the darkness? The reason for my question is simple. I wonder if the ones who need the light to show them the way are more positive thinkers; in other words they love the brightness of life. They want to see everything and not miss anything so therefore the need for light. On the other hand, maybe the people who are comfortable when bright lights are not on them or their surroundings, they can avoid seeing things as they are viewed in truest brightly lit scenes. This is a thought; not any scientific study and it is solely based on my thoughts. I have wondered about this and noticed a link of the same people having a tendency to be prone to depressive moods or what I like to call whining. I look at life as it comes and I am one to like the lights on, the brighter the better and I like to look on the “bright” side of life too. There is no interpretation in this message, but it is food for thought. 

Now, for the deeper thought…..Life has its dark moments and/or events and we have to depend on the most brilliant light from above to shed its magnificent light on us……God’s light! Any fluorescent bulb of any strength cannot compare with the luster of God’s glow. We could turn on any light, as a matter of fact, all lights; we would still be in the darkness of life until we allow God to turn His light into our souls. He gives us the stars, He gives us electricity (but also from time to time reminds us it is of man’s making and His Power in the form of lightning can turn it of), and He gives us the glow of life in our souls if we ask Him to turn it on. Today, if man’s lights go off due to a storm in your life; ask God to turn on His light to shine so all will be bright in your life.

Checklist for Essentials for Preparation in Power Outages
□ Self-powered flashlights 
□ Candles
□ Glowsticks
□ Matches
□ Lighter
□ First aid kit: bandages, gauze, tape, scissors, hydrogen peroxide, antiseptic ointment, pain
medications, and prescription medications 
□ Batteries
□ Self-powered radio
□ Extra cell phone car chargers
□ Water (a gallon per person per day)
□ Coolers
□ Ice
□ Extra water bottles that can be used as ice packs 

□ Canned goods

□ Can opener
□ Trash bags, paper plates, flatware 
□ Water purifier bottles
□ Warm clothes
□ Copies of personal documents
□ Emergency contact info
□ Pocket money
□ Camping stove
□ Propane tank or charcoal
□ Board games □ Playing cards

Contact info for power company:

John 1:5                

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

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