ARE WE ORDERING SCRAMBLED BRAINS INSTEAD OF EGGS? This is not a political statement as I firmly believe in our right to choose and cast our vote for the candidate we feel is the best person for the office they seek. Majority rules and we move on. My thoughts are what I am witnessing in the human race. Most people are vocal in politics and religion but what is going on is not making sense to me. Maybe it does to you but I want to put some thoughts out there for all of us to mull over and see what we come up as what is going on in this world. We have lost one of the most important assets….Civility……and we could be returning to a barbaric world. I expect to see a caveman jump out with a club and bang people over the head. What happened?
1) When is standing up for one’s belief make them less than another? One of the rights we cherish is the freedoms so many of our young people have fought and died for and this is one right everyone should fight for. It should not matter we may not agree with another’s beliefs but we can agree to disagree.
2) In an effort to stop bullying, I fear many have become bullies themselves. Bullying is never the right path, but too much political correctness or protection gives leave way to “thin skin”. Back in the day, most all of us have had someone say things which were hurtful and we learned to stand up for ourselves. As a mere human, I cannot save everyone from every problem they may have but I can do what I can to not cause more problems for anyone else. 

3) When did everyone want to have some kind of “victim status”? All it takes for me to feel I have no reason to complain is to see a photo of someone who has no legs or arms; someone who cannot speak or hear; someone burned and who will suffer pain for the rest of their lives; or someone destitute without a penny to their name; or a child with nothing to eat. And we have what problems? Let’s stop the self-pity party and count our blessings.
4) When did being a supporter of any candidate, a member of a religion, a certain race or ethnic group make any of us any less in anyone’s eyes? Uniqueness is a symbol of who we are and greatness comes from our internal character in any size, color, belief, and individualism so we should stop categorizing any person. If a person can rise and do great things, give each one the credit for what they accomplish and be proud of their courage and strength.
5) When did we lose the common courtesy which should be extended to each other? A simple thank you is appreciated but have you noticed it is disappearing from a lot of people’s vocabulary but the same person thinks nothing of spouting out criticism and rude comments. There should be a revival of respect to each other; our law enforcement; our teachers; our leaders. I can assure you I appreciate all people who choose to protect or teach us. It is not an easy job for sure.
Arline’s Note: Life is short and we can choose how we spend it. Why not scramble eggs and not our brains? As an observer of life and a positive participant. Life is what you put into it determines what you get out of it. Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to reminisce when the soles of my shoes came unglued and were flapping when I walked to school. I had to slide down the street to keep them from making a noise. Sounds like I was deprived or a victim? Absolutely not! That was life then as I lived it. I not only survived; I learned I wanted to have a decent pair of shoes and to get them I had to work hard and smart. I don’t regret one flap of those shoes; I am blessed to have many pairs of shoes because of them. Don’t play the victim; don’t make a victim out of someone else; and Be Kind to Each Other and Be Respectful! 
Ephesians 4:32  

And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.

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