When I think of total comfort, this baby sleeping comes to mind.

TODAY IT IS ALL ABOUT COMFORT with me. Do you feel the same? I used to dress with the latest fashion, the highest height in my shoes, and my hair had to be perfect. To be real, I haven’t stopped doing this, but I do it less often. I escape into my writing world and comfort is part of my regime. When comfortable, creative juices flow into my words and it is easier to imagine a perfect world of imperfect people blending their lives together in a perfect love of accepting imperfections in each other. This allows me to recognize the need to be comfortable not only in my clothes and accessories, but in all segments of my life. Let’s get our comfy clothes, and environment and discuss how comfort plays a great part in our happy lives.

As an interior stylist (in a past life), before I would start to help a person with their home, I would ask a simple set of questions:
When you arrive home, what is the first thing you do. Do you walk on in with the shoes you have on? If you take your shoes off, do you replace them with another pair for the house or do you go barefoot? Do you keep on the same clothes or do you change?” 

To some of you, it must be a crazy set of questions. I can assure you it is the most important information to decide the ambiance of a home. Here is why:

1) A person who takes off their shoes at the door can be more informal and choose a warmer, comfy chair arrangement, especially if they go barefoot or slippers or;
2) This same person may be ultra organized, clean, and an “everything has a purpose and everything in its place” and this is determined if they change to other shoes other than slippers. This person normally decorates with a more formal setting.
3) Changing clothes is a signal for either a highly responsible, full of pride person who takes very good care of their clothing and will feel the same about quality in their home furnishings or:
4) Or if they get into the most comfortable, non binding older clothes, they are people who desire the heavier, softer, even recliner folks.

Once I asked these questions, I had a good grasp of who I was helping. It made it easier to guide them into their particular style. As further proof, watch people and observe if a couple wearing casual, non binding jeans or similar garb walk into a restaurant and see a more formal setting with the white tablecloths, linen napkins, and suited servers. See if the same couple walking into a nice but more casual restaurant will have a less stressed attitude. We, as people, are reflections of our “comfort level”. 

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