SPOILED BRATS or VICTIMS? I will let you decide after you read my post this morning. I have watched over the last couple of months and it is hard to hear the ludicracy of the millennials and even some of the generation X and I have to say it sounds like whining and woe is me.

I want to recount a story which I can’t imagine any child today dealing with this dilemma. I don’t tell it because I resent having to go through it but it would make any child cringe at this thought. No toughness, no ingenuity, no acceptance of difficulty and willingness to survive it without someone else taking care of the problem is the trend today and I feel it is destructing our youth. Here is how the story goes:
As a child, we had it fairly difficult making ends meet. It wasn’t because our parents didn’t try but it was hard to have new shoes when we needed them. Shoes were bought when there was no other options. Now, realize I thought about kids who didn’t have any shoes, new or old, so I felt blessed to have any shoes at all. The sole on one of my shoes had come loose and was hanging on and they flapped when I walked so I shuffled without picking that foot up. I was the laughing stock of my siblings and my friends but it was somehow funny. Oh well, this may have been the start of my thinking out of the box or becoming a problem solver. I am not sure but when I found one of those big rubber bands. You know those huge, heavy duty, rubber bands. I took one of those big rascals and wrapped it around the top of my shoe and guess what? It stopped that dad-burn flapping but it looked ridiculous. I finally got new shoes when my parents noticed the big rubber band so the story ends well.

Young people, life can be beautiful even when times are hard. I want to say this to each of you that this world can be better if you apply yourselves to volunteering and placing your voices where they are heard and not part of a screaming crowd. Surely, you don’t want to desecrate our nation’s flag, do you? Try going to another country where you will be killed for expressing your right of freedom of speech.  As I don’t believe there is anything free, remember plenty of people have died or been permanently disabled fighting for your right to voice your disagreements. What have you done to earn the right? It is not free so start applying your talents to something productive.

I will not apologize if this “hurts” your feelings. Whining is not the way except to irritate all of us who have worked hard and have sacrificed. When I see the young people who have done miraculous feats of service to those who don’t have anything, I want to be a better person, so how about you?

I posted the following on Facebook:

                                   We were a family and it wasn’t perfect but we had love to share.

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