Changing Monday’s Attitude

This morning I awoke to a new attitude concerning Monday morning. Posting this to facebook I felt a need to share it on my blog. Why the dread and not the excitement for a brand new week with its potential. I plan on using this day and not wasting it on negativity. Positive attitude can move mountains, invent new products, write new novels, and make essential changes to our lives.

Move over negativity about Mondays! Let’s make Mondays Fun Days!

5 Simple Things That Can Help Change Your Attitude

  1. Identify and understand what you want to change. …
  2. Look for a role model. …
  3. Think about how your attitude change will affect your life. …
  4. Choose the right company. …
  5. Believe that you are able to change.

This is from Google and let’s get started by remembering the first three letters in Monday are the same as in Money. It is a great day to get started revamping finances or contemplating how you can increase your earnings potential. Life is for the living and there is no room at the top for negative minds….so how do you feel this Monday morning? Great, I thought so!

Have a wonderful Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and especially Sunday!

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