WHY BOTHER WITH TRYING you may ask? I woke up extremely early this morning and I am not sure if it is my new Himalayan salt lamp encouraging sharp mental thoughts or not, but here is the message. In the current events of confusion, division, discontent, emotions, etc. we may find ourselves wondering why bother to try when the odds look stacked against normalcy.

Do you find yourselves wanting to turn over and go back to sleep? Do you find yourself procrastinating on making the changes in eating, exercising, personal care, household chores, projects, and everyday responsibilities? Do you find yourself taking your spouse for granted and not having those special affectionate moments together? I ask all of these questions and some may not be applicable to each individual situation but more than likely, some apply to the majority of us.

There is a great article you may want to read dealing with reasons/symptoms of potential depression. I have listed the symptoms from this article and if you experience any or all of them, it is possible you have slipped into a depressive state.

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9 Surprising Depression Symptoms

Watch out for these sneaky signs of depression


1. You’re in pain.

2. You’re busting out of your pants.

3. You have a short fuse.

4. You feel nothing.

5. Your evening cocktail is now three.

6. You’re glued to Facebook…

7. Your head is in the clouds.

8. You can’t make up your mind.

9. You’ve stopped combing your hair.


How many of these symptoms have you experienced? I took a serious look at this list and even Miss Positive associated a few of them to my life so I find myself giving a hard look at what changes I can make to rev up my life and get my mojo going. There is nothing wrong with feeling a little down or out of sorts but what we do about it can make the biggest difference. A car can have a big engine capable of flying down the road, but every car has to be started before it can perform to its highest ability. So do we, as participants have to get started. Being at the beginning of a race means a person is ready to run, but taking that first step is what makes a winner. Live Life; Love Life; Live Life to the Fullest by being a winner!

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