Social Media Gone Wrong

How many of you remember your first Facebook post, Tweet, Instagram, Linked In, etc? I can recall the excitement of reaching out past phone calls, personal conversations, and the idea of meeting new friends all over the world was intriguing to say the least. What happened to Social Media? When did the same outlets that brought old classmates together for a catch up session by uploading the old photos of the bands we listened to while dancing at the recreation center? When did insensitive thugs begin to feel relaxed enough to post the most obtrusive snide remarks even about children or people they know absolutely nothing about? Social Media Gone Wrong is the subject of this blog.

Here is an article from techspot in 2013 but it is an interesting take on social media and I feel it is worse today in 2017. The article can be found by clicking on title link.

Survey finds people are less polite on social media than in person
By Shawn Knight on Apr 11, 2013, 11:38 AM 23 comments
Here’s a statement that’s likely to surprise nobody: people are less polite online than they are in person. The revelation comes as part of a recent survey from VitalSmarts which found that 88 percent of respondents agreed with the aforementioned statement while 75 percent say they have seen “good manners” go down the toilet on social media in recent years.
These poor manners often lead to arguments or fights which go unresolved. More than four out of five people said such conversations were never resolved which ultimately led to one in five people having reduced in-person contact with a friend or family member. Some 40 percent of people have blocked, unsubscribed or even unfriended someone over an online dispute. Unsurprisingly, younger people are four times more likely than older adults to have an emotionally-charged conversation on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn.
surprise people rude social media
VitalSmarts co-chairman Joseph Grenny said social media platforms allow people to connect with others and strengthen relationships in a way that wasn’t possible before. But at the same time, these platforms are also the default forums for holding high-stakes conversations where people blast each other with polarizing opinions. Those engaged in heated conversations typically have little regard for anyone else that might be reading.
The co-chairman went on to say that social media platforms aren’t the problem; it’s how people are using them that is causing issues and helping to destroy peoples’ most meaningful personal relationships.
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My thoughts are: If we are aware of how harsh the written text can be, we can still get our point across,  while at the same time remembering everyone has the right to not agree with our thoughts. Let us remember if the same words were said about us or our family and/or friends, how would we feel?


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